5 best Great Hammers (Warhammers) in Elden Ring and where to find them

List of the best Great Hammers that this game has to offer (Image via SpookyFairy/YouTube and RageGamingVideos/YouTube)
List of the best Great Hammers that this game has to offer (Image via SpookyFairy/YouTube and RageGamingVideos/YouTube)
Rishov "Vergil" Mukherjee

Great Hammers or Warhammers form part of a massive variety of weapons that players can choose from in Elden Ring. These are heavy colossal weapons that can dish out a lot of damage on a single hit.

However, this also means that these weapons are slow and thus heavily dependent on the player's positioning.

Using a Great Hammer like a sword will get punished in a game such as Elden Ring, where almost every boss can one-shot a player at any level.

Elden Ring is great. Found an even bigger hammer. A knight died and now Iā€™m wearing his bones. Great game.

A detailed list of Great Hammers has been provided in this article that players can choose from within the game. These are probably the best ones to pick from and offer great value throughout the game.

Every Great Hammer that players can consider using within Elden Ring

1) Large Club


Among the various Great Hammers available to players in Elden Ring, the Large Club is probably worth using in the early game. The weapon has very good base damage, has decent scaling, and can be infused with some powerful Ashes of War.

The weapon's skill Barbaric Roar is also quite decent in the early game on account of the attack boost that it provides. Overall, it is a solid weapon available to players. The only issue is that users will have to look for better options once the mid-game is over.

Location: Can be found on the lowest cliff south of Forlorn Hound Evergaol

2) Great Mace


This is arguably one of the best Great Hammers to choose from amongst all available options in Elden Ring. This particular weapon thrives off both the strength scaling and the power it gets out of heavy Ash of War infusion.

This weapon does excellent poise damage, but at the same time, it is also quite good against bosses who are weak to strike damage. This includes enemies such as Radagon, Crystalians, and Gargoyles.

Location: Obtained from a chest inside a camp in Grand Lift of Dectus

3) Greathorn Hammer


This is another mighty Great Hammer for players to pick in Elden Ring. The weapon comes with both strength as well as dexterity scaling and is quite suitable for quality builds within the game.

However, ideally going for pure strength is still the better choice because of the A scaling it has with Heavy Ash of War infusion. Finally, the weapon heals for 3% of the maximum HP per kill, which can always come in handy in the open world.

Location: Obtained from Ancestral Followers in Siofra River

4) Envoy's Long Horn


This Great Hammer does not offer much in terms of physical damage but has a really powerful weapon skill. When used, its weapon skill called Bubble Shower releases a bunch of magic bubbles, which rain down on the enemies to deal heavy holy damage after a few seconds.

It is indeed a niche weapon as this skill keeps it relevant, but the damage it does is enough to take down something like the Fire Giant (which has a lot of health) very quickly. Bubbles are also quite good at staggering enemies.

Location: Obtained from Large Oracle Envoy in Leyndell Royal Capital

5) Great Stars


Great Stars is perhaps the best one by a mile among every Great Hammer available in Elden Ring. This weapon comes with Bleed damage passive, which is always good in any given case.

Apart from that, players can infuse it with Ashes of War, which further enhances the weapon's output. Simply putting in the Wild Strikes Ash of War and infusing it with the Bloodflame Blade incantation can destroy most bosses in the game.

The weapon has both strength and dexterity scaling, though the former is better on account of the A rating.

Location: Upon a guarded Hearse at Altus Plateau

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