7 best bleed damage weapons in Elden Ring that players should not miss

The best bleed weapons that players can obtain in the game (Image via Elden Ring)
The best bleed weapons that players can obtain in the game (Image via Elden Ring)

Bleed is arguably one of the most powerful and broken status effects that currently exists in Elden Ring. At this point, almost the entire fanbase unanimously agrees that bleed is the undisputed meta and any weapon that can inflict the same is worth obtaining.

Fortunately, the game offers a wide range of weapons, Ash of War, spells, incantations, and other mediums through which the bleed status effect can be inflicted. One of the most vital aspects of this status effect is that it makes the game very accessible, and it is helpful for players who are new to Soulsborne games. This article lists some weapons that inflict bleed damage.

Every bleed damage weapon that players must use in Elden Ring

1) Uchigatana


Uchigatana is perhaps the bleed weapon that is the easiest to use and obtain. This weapon is versatile as players can go for any kind of build they want with the Uchigatana.

The weapon has good physical damage, can be dual-wielded, and also has very good blood loss buildup. The weapon is also very swift, which makes it good against most bosses in the game.

The requirements for wielding it are also very low, and this makes it one of the best early-game weapons that players can continue using till the end of the game.

Location: Uchigatana can be looted from Deathtouched Catacombs. It's also the starting weapon for the Samurai class.

2) Grave Scythe


Grave Scythe is perhaps one of the strongest bleed damage weapons in all of Elden Ring. The weapon by itself is very simple, but its value comes from the weapon skill Spinning Slash.

This skill allows the wielder to proc bleed extremely fast on any enemy. Apart from this, if players are dual-wielding the weapon then the bleed happens even faster. Ideally speaking, players can one-shot enemies in PVP and take down bosses with only four to five hits in PVE while dual-wielding the Grave Scythe.

Finally, the range of the weapon is also really good, making it a very safe option for new players.

Location: Grave Scythe can be obtained from Gravekeeper Skeletons.

3) Bloodhound Claws


If Elden Ring players are looking for a weapon that can demolish health bars through bleed damage, then Bloodhound Claws is one of the best options. It is very fast because it is a dexterity weapon, and it also comes with Bloodhound's Step as an in-built skill.

This means players can dash around an enemy and massacre them with Bloodhound Claws while the enemy tries to figure out how to counterattack. The only issue is that using this weapon will require a lot of practice, as one misstep could potentially lead to death.

Location: Bloodhound Claws can be obtained from the Bloodhound Knight in the basement of Volcano Manor.

4) Morning Star


Morning Star is an early-game weapon that offers a lot of value to players throughout Elden Ring. This weapon, apart from the bleed damage passive, boasts really good physical damage and strength scaling.

The weapon can also be infused with Ashes of War, which means its viability is further enhanced. Infusing it with Frost works wonders as its combination with bleed deals serious damage to bosses.

Location: Morning Star can be looted from a caravan in Weeping Peninsula.

5) Reduvia


Reduvia is a powerful dagger in Elden Ring that shines on account of its weapon art, Reduvia Blood Blade. Through this weapon art, gamers can shoot powerful projectiles that can proc bleed upon hitting an enemy.

In the early game, these projectiles hit like a truck. However, the damage dealt becomes negligible during the later parts of the game, and players will be forced to drop the weapon. Even then, players can continue to use it as a side weapon in certain situations.

Location: Reduvia is dropped by Bloody Finger Nerijus.

6) Rivers of Blood


Amongst the various bleed weapons that exist in Elden Ring, Rivers of Blood is probably the strongest of the lot. The weapon skill, Corpse Piler, not only procs blood loss very quickly, but it also hits like a truck.

It is safe to say that Rivers of Blood is the strongest weapon in the game by a mile, and those who end up on the receiving end rarely have a good experience. The weapon is viable for PVP and PVE.

Location: Rivers of Blood can be obtained from Mountaintops of the Giants.

7) Bloodhound's Fang


Bloodhound's Fang is also a really powerful choice for bleed damage that can be obtained very early in the game. In fact, this is probably the strongest weapon in Elden Ring that can be obtained within the first four or five hours.

There is obviously a reason why the community loves the Bloodhound's Fang so much. This weapon hits very hard, and most early game bosses will die without much effort on the player's part. It trivializes most of the early to mid-game content and makes life easier for a lot of newer players.

The requirements for wielding it are also very low, and this makes it a must-have for anyone playing the game. Lastly, the scaling on the Bloodhound's Fang is extremely good, which means gamers can carry it all the way to Radagon and beyond.

Location: Bloodhound's Fang can be obtained by defeating Bloodhound Knight Darriwil.

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