5 best Great Spears in Elden Ring and where to find them

There are many great Great Spears that players should try to obtain in Elden Ring (Image via ConCon/YouTube and sawmanUK/YouTube)
There are many great Great Spears that players should try to obtain in Elden Ring (Image via ConCon/YouTube and sawmanUK/YouTube)
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Great Spears are some of the most powerful weapons available to players in Elden Ring. These weapons are quite heavy and reduce player mobility. However, they also provide very high damage and the option to attack from a great distance.

Great Spears are also ideal for combat when on horseback due to their incredible range.

In Elden Ring, I met a hunter named Running R2 with two great spear weaponswith bleed procs. Guess what he did? 😏

Fortunately, Elden Ring offers some variety when it comes to Great Spears that are available to players.

This article lists five of the best Great Spears in Elden Ring as well as their locations on the giant map of the Lands Between.

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The best Great Spears that Elden Ring has to offer

1) Lance


Lance is one of the strongest Great Spears that are available to players in Elden Ring. Apart from the usual advantages that this weapon type provides, Lance can stunlock a lot of enemies in the game.

In fact, if any enemy is trying to dodge roll out of combat (PVP or PVE), players can simply use their basic attacks to catch them off-guard.

This weapon can also be infused with Ashes of War, which means the build variety is quite abundant as well.

Location: On the top of a Ruin structure that has a camp with foot soldiers, a Godrick Soldier and a Godrick Knight to the southwest of Deathtouched Catacombs

2) Treespear


Treespear is one of the most underrated weapons available to players in the game. It does really good holy damage, which can come in clutch in a variety of situations. Its scaling is also impressive, and its heavy attacks can stagger enemies extremely well.

This weapon can work perfectly within hybrid dexterity/faith-oriented builds in Elden Ring. Unfortunately, it cannot be infused by Ashes of War.

Location: Obtained from a caravan on the edge of a collapsing bridge towards the southeast side of the Liurnia of the Lakes site of grace.

3) Siluria's Tree


This is another really powerful Great Spear that excels when it comes to heavy-charged attacks. This weapon can stagger enemies very well and is a great counter against aggressive opposition.

Apart from that, its weapon skill known as Siluria's Woe is impressive as it can destroy quite a hefty number of boss enemies in the game.

The only issue is that Siluria's Tree's holy damage becomes a little ineffective towards the end-game on account of resistance. However, it is still a good weapon that is worth using in a singular playthrough.

Location: Obtained after defeating the Crucible Knight Siluria in Deeproot Depths

4) Vyke's War Spear


This is one of the most interesting weapons available to players in the entirety of Elden Ring. Vyke's War Spear comes with the Madness status effect as passive.

This particular weapon can be used for a variety of builds involving the Flame of Frenzy incantation. Unfortunately, the status effect also reduces the variety in terms of builds available to players in the game.

Overall, Vyke's War Spear is a niche weapon and a fun one at that.

Location: Obtained from Festering Fingerprint Vyke

5) Moghwyn's Sacred Spear


Among the Great Spears available to players in Elden Ring, Moghwyn's Sacred Spear is probably the one that provides the most value.

Firstly, the weapon comes with the bleed status effect passive, which is extremely effective against most enemies in the game. Secondly, the weapon art "Bloodboon Ritual" is super strong and can demolish enemies in PVE.

Lastly, when it comes to PVP, this weapon is overpowered to the point where players have been demanding a nerf since its release. This is because one can practically one-shot invaders when this weapon is used properly.

Location: Obtained from the Roundtable Hold upon trading the Remembrance of the Blood Lord

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