5 best Spears in Elden Ring and where to find them

The best Spears available to players in the game (Image via RageGamingVideos/YouTube and Gaming with Abyss/YouTube)
The best Spears available to players in the game (Image via RageGamingVideos/YouTube and Gaming with Abyss/YouTube)
Rishov "Vergil" Mukherjee

Spears are some of the most fascinating weapons available to players in Elden Ring. These weapons can be used from a distance and provide a safer way for players to engage in a boss fight.

Many of these can be infused with Ashes of War, and considering the scaling they provide, they are worth using. The reason for its low adoption rate is that Spears, in general, were considered bad in Soulsborne games.

hilarious to me how much ive ignored spears in elden ring after making such a big deal about wanting one in the beginning

However, Elden Ring's Spears are quite good, and the game provides a fair few of them for gamers to obtain. Here are five potent Spears that players can use during their time in the Lands Between.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinion.

5 Spears that players should consider using in Elden Ring

5. Short Spear


Short Spear is a pretty simple weapon available to players in Elden Ring. It has good range, provides adequate scaling early in the game, and is quite capable as a sidearm in most scenarios.

The requirements for wielding the weapon are also quite low as well, which allows a lot of players to use it irrespective of their class. Other than that, it is one of the best weapons to use with the Spectral Lance Ashes of War on account of the low weight of the weapon.

Location: Starting weapon for Prophet Class can be bought from Twin Maiden Husks

4. Cross-Naginata


Amongst the various Spears available to players in Elden Ring, the Cross-Naginata is arguably one of the best ones to use. This weapon has Bleed damage as a passive stat which is always considered broken.

Apart from that, Cross-Naginata is excessively fast, and using something like the Seppuku Ash of War is quite worthwhile on account of high Arcane scaling. In fact, players can power-stance this weapon and demolish their enemies in both PVP as well as PVE with the aforementioned build.

Location: Gael Tunnel

3. Pike


Pike is one of the most powerful Spears available to players in Elden Ring on account of its massive range. This is a weapon that players can simply attach an Ash of War like Spinning Strikes to and catch players who love to dodge too much off-guard in PvP.

In fact, power-stancing the weapon is a really good option as its basic attack can hit like a truck and melt health bars. The only issue with the weapon is that it is a terrible option for guard counters.

Location: Stormveil Castle

2. Inquisitor's Girandole


The Inquisitor's Girandole is probably one of the best Spears that players can get. This Spear does everything that players could desire from a weapon.

Apart from the really good Faith scaling, the weapon provides fire damage as well as Bleed damage. The only issue with the weapon is its limited range, but considering its advantages, it far outweighs the one disadvantage.

Players can even defeat bosses such as Malenia with this weapon which speaks volumes about its quality.

Location: Obtained from Abductor Virgins in Volcano Manor

1. Bolt of Gransax


Bolt of Gransax is pretty much a lightning bolt in Elden Ring that has the capability to one-shot an enemy. This weapon scales off Dexterity and is probably one of a kind.

This is because the power of the weapon comes from its weapon skill, the "Ancient Lightning Spear." However, unlike other weapons where the skill usually relies on Intelligence or Arcane, this one relies on Dexterity.

While it still consumes FP, the scaling is much simpler. Nevertheless, its damage is mind-blowing, and bosses such as Tree Sentinel can get one or two-shot once players invest heavily into this weapon.

Location: Obtained from Leyndell, Royal Capital after beating Godfrey, the First Elden Lord.

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