5 best legendary weapons in Destiny 2 from 2021 

Destiny 2 gunsmith, Banshee-44 (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 gunsmith, Banshee-44 (Image via Bungie)

Players usually prefer legendaries over exotics in Destiny 2 because of the absurd perks each weapon can provide.

The Year 2021 has seen a lot of new weapons that have changed the meta inside every season in Destiny 2. These weapons can be found either via world drops, completing quests, or the Prismatic Recaster.

The following article breaks down some of the best weapons that proved to be extra helpful for players in 2021.

Best legendary weapons that Destiny 2 players have utilized in 2021

1) Ignition Code


The Ignition Code is a legendary Grenade Launcher introduced with the Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer. Guardians can now get this weapon by turning in Umbral Engrams and Decrypted Data in the Prismatic Recaster.

The perks that make this Destiny 2 Grenade Launcher powerful inside PvE are Blinding Grenades, Slideshot, and Vorpal Weapon. The combination of these three perks is perfect for a sustained DPS against the Champions and bosses.

The perk Blinding Grenades is significant inside any solo or high-tier activity, making the Ignition Code an indispensable weapon.

2) Extraordinary Rendition


Introduced in Season of the Chosen, Extraordinary Rendition became one of the most potent SMGs in Destiny 2. It sits in the kinetic slot of the inventory, which paves the way for a lot of energy exotics inside PvE.

The best perks for this Submachine Gun in the last two perk slots are Overflow or Subsistence alongside Frenzy or Rampage. Being an Aggressive Framed weapon comes with added range and damage, which is excellent inside raids and dungeons.

3) Null Composure


Null Composure is the only ritual weapon on this list. Introduced in Season of the Splicer, Guardians can get this void Fusion Rifle by finishing up the quest "A Sacred Fusion" from Banshee-44.

This Destiny 2 Fusion comes with PvE-friendly roles such as Feeding Frenzy and Reservoir Burst. It's prominent inside PvP due to low Charge Time alongside Heating Up and High Impact Reserves.

4) Palindrome Adept


The Adept Palindrome is designed for high-end PvP fights inside Destiny 2. Introduced in Season of the Chosen, this 140 RPM took the community by storm once it started dropping from Grandmaster Nightfalls. It comes with perk combinations like Outlaw and Killing Wind alongside Rampage and Rangefinder.

These perks are the same as any standard Palindrome weapon. However, the stat distribution after masterwork makes an Adept weapon stand out, where each stat increases more than a regular variant of the weapon.

5) Reed's Regret Adept


The Adept Reed's Regret is a stasis Linear Fusion Rifle introduced in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost. It can be acquired by reaching Flawless on Trials in a given week, with perks such as Triple Tap, Vorpal Weapon, or Firing Line.

Like many Fusion Rifles in Season 15, Reed's Regret can fire out a massive amount of damage against bosses with Vorpal. Being a legendary weapon has its perks since it allows players to pick a Kinetic or an Energy exotic weapon.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

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