5 best Leviathan Axe skills you need to unlock first in God of War Ragnarok 

The Leviathan Axe becomes a powerful early-game weapon once players unlock these skills (Image via Santa Monica Studio)
The Leviathan Axe becomes a powerful early-game weapon once players unlock these skills (image via Santa Monica Studio)

In God of War Ragnarok Kratos gets to wield both the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos from the beginning. This gives gamers ample time to power up and upgrade Kratos’s primary weapon from the Axe skill tree.

Players need to spend their hard-earned XP points through combat in quests to unlock a powerful set of moves and passive abilities divided into the Technique, Ranged, and Melee categories in the skill tree.


The cost of each skill differs, and powerful upgrades can be unlocked later in the game as the weapon’s level increases. In the meantime, here are some of the best skills available in the Leviathan Axe’s skill trees that players should consider unlocking as soon as possible.

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Glacial Rake, Serpent’s Snare, and more early-game skills for the Leviathan Axe in God of War Ragnarok

The Leviathan Axe skill tree menu in God of War Ragnarok (image via Santa Monica Studio)
The Leviathan Axe skill tree menu in God of War Ragnarok (image via Santa Monica Studio)

1) Vengeful Sickle 1

  • Type: Ranged

This is a great ability to have if the players like to go into action from a fair amount of distance. Available at weapon level 1, the Vengeful Sickle 1 costs 500 XP points to unlock.

Players need to lock aim at the enemy and hold up their R1 button to charge up the Axe. Once fully charged, users must execute the Vengeful Sickle move and throw it at their enemies. The Axe spins forward and hits the foe multiple times. It is a good choice to weaken bigger enemies before going for the kill.

2) Glacial Rake

  • Type: Melee

The Glacial Rake ability costs 750 XP points to unlock and is also available at weapon level 1. Once unlocked, activate the skill by pressing the R1 button. Kratos will drag his Axe through the ground, throwing Ice Shards forward. This skill inflicts high frost damage on enemies, and the damage becomes more prominent if the enemies are already suffering from burning effects.

3) Frost Awaken I

  • Type: Technique

Frost Awaken's ability allows Kratos to quickly charge up the Leviathan Axe between combos and moves. Players should consider unlocking this skill as soon as they get hold of the Leviathan Axe.


Frost Awaken I enhances the frost damage dealt to the foe in the next blow and can be very useful when surrounded by enemies. Players can unlock this for free at level 1 and must go ahead and upgrade their ability to Frost Awaken IV once they accumulate enough XP points.

4) Serpent’s Snare

  • Type: Melee

The Serpent’s Snare is a heavy damage-dealing ability where Kratos charges up his Leviathan Axe before hitting and throwing away the enemy. Available at weapon level 2, players should not hesitate to spend 1000 XP points on the Serpent’s Snare skill as it is ideal for throwing enemies off cliffs and achieving instant kills. Serpent’s Snare is a reliable skill to have at one’s disposal for heavy-duty boss fights.

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It’s a brutal attack where Kratos tosses up the enemy and incurs a heavy blow with the Axe. Weaker weapons may explode with frost upon impact on the ground and may deal additional area damage to nearby foes as well.

5) Extinguish Flames

  • Type: Technique

Available at weapon level 1, the Extinguish Flames is a passive ability that can be unlocked by spending just 250 XP points. This move is incredibly effective against burning enemies when Kratos deals melee damage with his Leviathan Axe.

Any melee damage can be turned into critical strikes with the Extinguish Flames on board and can prove to be handy in long journeys through the chapters.

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