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5 best Minecraft builds in September 2020

5 best Minecraft builds in September 2020
5 best Minecraft builds in September 2020
Modified 10 Sep 2020, 18:07 IST
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Building is perhaps the biggest highlight of Minecraft, and it is one game that has made wannabe architects of all its fans. Whether or not someone loves the survival gameplay or the several other minigames created for Minecraft, most players do love to build massive homes and castles for themselves.

There are players who have dedicated their entire Youtube channels to creating epic builds in Minecraft. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Minecraft houses built in September 2020.

5 best Minecraft builds in September 2020

1) Aesthetic Tiny House

Watch this immensely relaxing video of the building of a tiny house in Minecraft by Youtuber Zaypixel, who created the perfect-looking tiny house with quaint surroundings and adorable windows adorning the house.

The house has a traditional small kitchen that also features a two-seater dining table. The house is adorned with aesthetic lanterns as well as a cute little reading nook.

2) Modern House Tutorial


JINTUBE is another Minecraft Youtuber who makes and uploads building videos for the game regularly. In the first week of September 2020, he uploaded a tutorial to build a modern house.

Needless to say, the house is the epitome of classy textures and has a sleek modern look that we would all love to recreate in the game. The house sports a huge glass wall on one side and also features sophisticated interiors. The bonus is the perfect modern bathtub.

3) Italian House

WiederDude, with 6.16 million subscribers, is one of the biggest Minecraft Youtubers who regularly creates immensely innovative builds in the game.

In fact, he recently uploaded a video to teach fans of Minecraft how to go about designing and building a palatial Italian house in the game. He used simple blocks in Minecraft to create a stunning Italian house with typical walls, textures and roofs.

4) Underground Base

The Minecraft Youtuber Rizzial, who often makes unique building tutorials for his subscribers, has uploaded a video in which he made the ultimate underground survival base for Minecraft players who love a bit of creativity included in their survival gameplay.

The base features a simple X-shaped design with four entrances,and a roof that is made out of red-stained glass. The base also fits all your survival needs, so you never have to venture out at night ever again.

5) Desert Ranch

One of the amazing builds created by GregBuilds, a popular Minecraft Youtuber who loves playing around with the game’s creative mode, is a desert ranch which is a must-try for all Minecraft players.

GregBuilds breaks the building tutorial down into simple steps, and you can end up with your own stylish desert ranch with a cool-shaded patio area and cute balconies in no time.

Published 10 Sep 2020, 18:07 IST
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