5 best Minecraft mods of all time

Best of the Minecraft mods (Image credits: Wiki Minecraft)
Best of the Minecraft mods (Image credits: Wiki Minecraft)
Vasudha Bachchan

Minecraft mods are the perfect way to spice up your block-building gameplay. Whether you're a fan of the survival challenge, or the crafting and building, or even the creative mini-games played on multiplayer servers, mods can add to that experience and make everything more fun!

While there have been hundreds of unique mods created for Minecraft, there are a few exceptional ones that we recommend you all try at least once.

Five best Minecraft mods of all time

1) Carpenter's Blocks

Carpenter's Blocks (Image credits: BrinkoTheBrit, Youtube)
Carpenter's Blocks (Image credits: BrinkoTheBrit, Youtube)

This mod is the perfect addition to any Minecraft builder's repertoire. It takes all the vanilla game blocks and transforms them into blocks that can be modified to have different textures. That means you can now have fences that look white instead of the usual brown, or stairs made of a grassy patch instead of pinewood.

The mod allows you to mix and match textures to create new dynamic blocks to build with. Another benefit is the ability to create real slopes — roofs have never been so fun in Minecraft!

2) BuildCraft

BuildCraft (Image credits: Th3RadMan, Youtube)
BuildCraft (Image credits: Th3RadMan, Youtube)

Another haven for builders, the BuildCraft mod adds a whole lot of automation to your building, mining, and crafting processes. No longer do you have to spend hours mining for supplies. The automated tools and machines of BuildCraft will take care of it all.

With machines such as the Quarry, which mines an entire area until it lands upon lava or bedrock, BuildCraft is the perfect mod for people who would rather not spend too much time collecting resources in Minecraft.

3) Biomes O'Plenty

Biomes O'Plenty (Image credits: Google Sites)
Biomes O'Plenty (Image credits: Google Sites)

If you're an explorer at heart, then this mod will be perfect for your adventures. It adds realistic biomes to the already expansive Minecraft world. It also includes several redone biomes such as rainforests and swampy plains, as well as entirely new ones such as the cherry blossom tree biome.

This mod is perfect for adding even more variation to the world, and supplementing the aesthetics of the already-lovable game.

4) Dynamic Surroundings

Dynamic Surroundings (Image credits: 9Minecraft)
Dynamic Surroundings (Image credits: 9Minecraft)

This mod is the ultimate mod that adds a big punch of realism to the game. While Minecraft is fun with its cute popping sound when you mine through the many tunnels for stone or ore, other realistic sounds are lacking in the game.

Dynamic Surroundings adds a sound and texture to everything to make it more realistic. And now, when you're gallivanting through the different biomes, you can hear each stream of water and every material that you walk on!

5) Optifine HD

Optifine HD (Image credits: Reddit)
Optifine HD (Image credits: Reddit)

While there are several shaders and texture packs that are useable to change what the game looks like, this mod is enough if you don't want to stray too far from vanilla Minecraft. It includes a few shaders in itself, and starkly improves every texture in this title, adding to the aesthetic quality of the entire game.

One significant benefit of this mod is that it also smoothens the frame rate of the title to give you a lag-free experience, with a smooth sailing interface.

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