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5 best Minecraft seeds to build a house

Minecraft seeds that can help breate the ideal house
Minecraft seeds that can help create the ideal house
Modified 14 Sep 2020, 19:33 IST
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Minecraft is all about crafting and building. In fact, the game has made wannabe architects of us all, and we are all also guilty of scouring through images on the internet so we can figure out what our next Minecraft house would look like.

If you're also a Minecraft player who loves to fly around in the creative mode working on your dream home, we have a few seeds that will serve the purpose of being the location for your next house.

Five best Minecraft seeds to build a house

1) The Mighty Savannahs

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A savannah biome is one of the perfect spots to create your ideal home. You have a lot of flat plains available, upon which you can easily lay down the foundations of your house.

This particular seed spawns you amid a savannah biome, which is also next to a desert biome, alongside a village that adorns these two sites.

Seed Code: -4889139758271612536


2) Icy Dream

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Have you always wanted a stunning underground cove in your background? Well, it's time to get one.

This seed spawns you on a lofty mountain, where you can find a small cave that opens up into an underground cave. Some people have swimming pools, while others have natural pools, and you can be the latter. Build your new Minecraft home with this beautiful seed.

Seed Code: 249956136855891076

3) Medium Island

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Everybody wants a mansion on a beach, and this seed is your chance to obtain that finally! You spawn on a beautiful island that's surrounded by the glittering Minecraft ocean.

The island is big enough that you can design and create a vast mansion, or even a resort, and still have some space left over. This seed is perfect for letting your imagination run wild.

Seed Code: -7795251934608064836

4) Mountains with River Valleys

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Sharp cliffs and lofty peaks that open up into river valleys — this Minecraft seed is the epitome of stunning natural scenery.

You can create your dream house right on one of these breathtaking cliffs, and have your balcony overlooking the blue waters of the river valleys. Trust us, you don't want to miss out on this one.

Seed Code: 1913249966940734411

5) Beautiful Mountainous Biome

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This Minecraft seed opens to a beautiful birch tree forest, along which flows a small stream. There are mountains to the side, and even a snow biome where you can create the perfect Christmas cabin-like home.

Plus, the use of some shaders can make this particular scene look even more surreal, making it the perfect backdrop to your new place!

Seed Code: -4178273003570038980

Published 14 Sep 2020, 19:33 IST
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