5 best sandbox/survival games like Minecraft on PC with better graphics

Minecraft has been hailed as the king of sandbox/survival/creative games (Image Credits: Steam)
Minecraft has been hailed as the king of sandbox/survival/creative games (Image Credits: Steam)
Rahul Bhushan

Minecraft has been able to surpass and transcend perceived age barriers and is accessible to both adults as well as young kids. To achieve that kind of success is extremely rare and difficult in modern-day gaming.

To that end, Minecraft has been hailed as the king of sandbox/survival/creative games and is the standard-bearer for an entire generation of games in its class.

Here, we take a look at some sandbox/survival games that can rival Minecraft and perhaps even surpass it in terms of graphics.

5 best games like Minecraft on PC with better graphics

1) Ark: Survival Evolved

Many were quick to be reductive towards Ark: Survival Evolved, with monikers such as "Minecraft but with Dinosaurs". However, those detractors have been proven wrong as Ark: Survival Evolved has managed to carve a niche in the gaming industry not just on PC but for other platforms as well.

Ark: Survival Evolved presents an extremely challenge-rich environment that forces and encourages players to be creative and spontaneous with their approach to gameplay.

The combat aspects of the game work in tandem with the sandbox/survival gameplay quite well, resulting in one of the better games that the genre has seen in years.

2) Don't Starve

The first thing that jumps out of the page about Don't Starve is its immaculate art-style. The game is an extremely well-crafted and nuanced experience that allows players to fully stretch their creative muscles.

The fantasy elements of Don't Starve do well to capture the player's attention from the get-go, and the uncompromising challenge of the world can either be a turn-off for some players or make die-hard fans out of them.

Don't Starve is one of the finest sandbox/survival games and perhaps the most unique entry in its class.

3) Trove

This free-to-play MMO has a strong focus on combat yet it doesn't mean it ditches all survival/creation/sandbox aspects seen in games such as Minecraft. Given that Trove costs no money to play, it is a no-brainer for fans of the genre.

The whimsical art-style comes off as charming rather than derivative, which is the biggest hurdle for games that choose to go down this particular route in terms of art-style and visuals.

Trove has a strong emphasis on combat, which could be one of the biggest selling-points for fans looking to try something more aggressive than Minecraft.

4) Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles might not be the first games that come to the mind when thinking of games in the same vein as Minecraft but it is, in the truest sense, a survival game of the highest order.

While there is some semblance of a story, players would much rather be spending their time building their own tiny little settlement into a full-fledged kingdom. Conan Exiles is extremely challenging and might appear brutishly difficult at first.

However, once players get the hang of the basic game mechanics, it is an extremely addictive affair that remains interesting throughout, much like Minecraft.

5) LEGO Worlds

Some would say that LEGO was the first-of-its-kind sandbox game but real-life. LEGO Worlds takes clear inspiration from Minecraft and creates a wholly unique and satisfying experience.

You will experience a galaxy of worlds made entirely from LEGO bricks in this game. You can explore gigantic landscapes, discover countless surprises and create anything you can imagine by building with LEGO bricks.

The game is as satisfying as one would expect and is truly one of the most underrated titles in the market currently.

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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