5 Best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 closed beta

5 Best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 closed beta (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 Best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 closed beta (Image via Sportskeeda)

Blizzard Activision released a closed beta version of Overwatch 2, a title that the game's audience had been anticipating for years. Introducing a variety of changes, the sequel to the 2016 Hero shooter title of the same name was made available to its playerbase through pre-registration and free Twitch beta key drops.

Overwatch is renowned for popularizing the Hero shooter genre in first-person shooter (FPS) games. Featuring a roster of 33 Heroes, players have the option to choose between 3 separate roles, namely Tank, Damage, and Support.


Coming into the new edition of the game, almost every Hero has been subjected to a substantial change, be it in their abilities, or in their signature role. However, Support Heroes have had the least number of changes so far, making them a less viable option in the game.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at the Heroes in the Support role, ranking the top 5 in the category.

Overwatch 2: 5 best Support Heroes in closed beta

Similar to its prequel, Overwatch 2 will feature 7 Support Heroes, namely Ana, Baptiste, Brigitte, Lucio, Mercy, Moira, and Zenyatta. These characters form the backbone of the team composition and are implemental in healing their teammates, boosting their abilities, and aiding them in times of need.

5) Baptiste

  • Primary weapon: Biotic Launcher
  • Passive Ability: Exo Boost
  • Ability 1: Regenerative Burst
  • Ability 2: Immortality Field
  • Ultimate Ability: Amplification Matrix

Although the least effective Hero on the list, Baptiste is one that can benefit the team in certain scenarios. His Regenerative Burst ability, which was increased by 25 HP, finds more value in the game as there is 1 less teammate to heal.

Baptiste is a highly effective Hero primarily in rush-compositions. His Immortality Field is an ability that enemy teams will have trouble dealing with. With Overwatch 2 being a more mobile version of its predecessor, players can utilize Baptiste's Exo Boost to catch up with the rest of the game's roster.

4) Mercy

  • Primary weapon: Caduceus Staff
  • Secondary weapon: Caduceus Pistol
  • Passive Ability: Regeneration
  • Ability 1: Angelic Descent
  • Ability 2: Guardian Angel
  • Ability 3: Resurrect
  • Ultimate Ability: Valkyrie

Mercy is an immensely valued Support Hero in the Overwatch community due to her regenerative abilities. Paired with mobile and dangerous heroes like Soldier: 76, Sojourn, Tracer and the like, Mercy can be an excellent tool for dealing substantial damage as well.

While Mercy doesn't see much of a change from Overwatch, her passive healing has increased, allowing her to stay alive longer and comfortably aid her teammates in combat. Additionally, with one less player to worry about, teams can get the most out of Mercy in 5v5 situations.

3) Moira

  • Primary weapon: Biotic Grasp
  • Ability 1: Biotic Orb
  • Ability 2: Fade
  • Ultimate Ability: Coalescence

Moira is one of the few Heroes who were untouched in their transition to Overwatch 2. She has always been a menace to deal with due to her survivability. However, with the shift in the game's dynamics, Moira finds herself in a better spot in the game's closed beta.

Due to the newly added passive for Support Heroes, Moira is capable of using her Fade to evade threatening matchups and take a breather. With one lesser Tank to heal, she can direct her healing towards the team's sole tank, while dealing considerable damage to her opponents.

2) Ana

  • Primary weapon: Biotic Rifle
  • Ability 1: Sleep Dart
  • Ability 2: Biotic Grenade
  • Ultimate Ability: Nano Boost

Ana is a Hero with relatively low mobility when compared to her Support counterparts. However, she makes up for it with her long-range abilities. Although not as effective as Widowmaker's sniper-rifle, Ana's primary weapon can deal damage as well as heal teammates.

Ana's offensive capabilities are best paired with Heroes suitable for dive compositions. With the number of shields and stun abilities reduced in Overwatch 2, Ana's utility kit has become even more effective, particularly her Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade.

1) Lucio

  • Primary weapon: Sonic Amplifier
  • Passive Ability: Wall Ride
  • Ability 1: Soundwave
  • Ability 2: Crossfade
  • Ability 3: Amp it Up
  • Ultimate Ability: Sound Barrier

With Overwatch 2 being a game that rewards players with mobility, Lucio is quite possibly the best pick for players in the Support role. Being one of the fastest Heroes in the game, Lucio is already in high demand in the game's closed beta lobbies.

In his transition to the game's latest version, Lucio received a 12% cost in building up his ultimate. With Support Heroes having a passive healing ability, he can make use of his pace and mobility to evade risky situations while still supporting his teammates. With one lesser Tank to worry about, Lucio is capable of dealing great amounts of damage to the enemy team.

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