5 best teams for Dori in Genshin Impact

Dori can provide tons to a team (Image via Genshin Impact)
Dori can provide significant utility to different team compositions (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact's newest 4-star character Dori has finally been released, and players can utilize her in a variety of teams. Thanks to her unique spot as both a healer and Energy provider, Dori is a great addition to many of the game's Electro-focused teams.

This pink-haired Claymore user synergizes well with teams that take advantage of Electro reactions, allowing her to create strong combinations with the game's newest element, Dendro. Fans should certainly give Dori a try in different team compositions to get a better understanding of her playstyle and what she brings to the table.

Genshin Impact: Five of Dori's best teams


Genshin Impact's newest 4-star character Dori has finally been released and players will want to take advantage of her unique skills in different team compositions. Dori's abilities allow her to provide a ton of Energy and healing to allies, making her a great option for teams that require a strong Electro support character. Furthermore, Dori uses the Claymore weapon type, giving her some pretty interesting options when it comes to builds. Here are five team compositions that can use Dori's skills effectively.

Disclaimer: This list is based on the author's opinions.

5) Mono Electro (Dori/Raiden Shogun/Kujou Sara/Yae Miko)

With the addition of Dori, Electro teams have yet another option for healing and Energy generation, making mono-Electro teams even more viable. Players will definitely want to take advantage of Dori's strong Energy generation to assist characters like Yae Miko and Kujou Sara to use their Elemental Bursts more frequently. This particular team composition can easily burst down enemies with Electro weaknesses, and can be a great option in the Spiral Abyss.

4) Hyperbloom (Dori/Kokomi/Dendro Traveler/Collei)


This team uses an Elemental Mastery that focuses on Dori being the driver for the Hyperbloom reaction, allowing the Claymore user to trigger multiple Electro-enhanced Bloom reactions to devastate enemies. Players will want to give this team composition a try if they have a good set of Elemental Mastery focused artifacts ready for Dori to use, along with a strong Hydro applicator like Sangonomiya Kokomi.

3) Quicken team (Dori/Collei/Tighnari/Fischl)


This Genshin Impact team takes advantage of Electro's powerful reactions with Dendro, giving players the opportunity to buff their damage significantly with the Spread and Aggravate reactions. Thanks to Dori's ability to apply Electro as well as heal allies, she can be a vital member to a team that focuses on these reactions, along with being a great secondary reaction driver on the team. Players will want to give Dori a try if they have been struggling to heal with their Quicken based teams.

2) Superconduct (Eula/Dori/Fischl or Raiden/Rosaria)


Dori can be a great addition to Superconduct-focused teams, especially ones that emphasize Eula's abilities. Eula benefits greatly from the Superconduct reaction, and given that Dori can apply Electro often and fill the role of a healer, she is an excellent teammate. Depending on their preferences, Genshin Impact players can fill the second Electro slot with either Fischl or Raiden Shogun, with Fischl providing more Electro uptime while Raiden provides stronger Energy regeneration for the team.

1) Taser (Dori/Beidou or Fischl/Xingqiu/Sucrose)


Although slotting Dori into a Taser team can bring the overall DPS down, she does add a lot of comfort and flexibility with her consistent Energy generation and healing. Players who have struggled to keep their team alive during the Spiral Abyss or tough boss fights may want to try out Dori in a Taser team composition, as her powerful healing can keep Sucrose and her allies alive against even the strongest of enemies.

Genshin Impact's newest 4-star provides a lot of unique value to most teams, and players should definitely try out some of these compositions.

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