5 reasons to get Kokomi for Dendro teams in Genshin Impact

Kokomi has become a highly valued character thanks to Dendro (Image via Genshin Impact)
Kokomi has become a highly valued character thanks to Dendro (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact's addition of Dendro has made many characters much stronger, with Sangonomiya Kokomi becoming more valuable.

Luckily, players will get another chance to get Kokomi soon, as the Hydro 5-star is set for a rerun in the coming days. While Kokomi may have been overlooked during her original run, players will want to consider picking her for their future Dendro teams. Kokomi's interaction with Dendro may be incredibly useful as the game progresses.

Genshin Impact players can learn five reasons to pick Sangonomiya Kokomi for their Dendro team here.

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Genshin Impact: 5 reasons why Sangonomiya Kokomi is good for Dendro teams


While Kokomi has never been a weak character, many Genshin Impact players overlooked her due to her kit's focus on healing. However, as time passed, Kokomi became an incredible character, with new team compositions being discovered that used her as a centerpiece for powerful reactions.

Now with the addition of Dendro, she has evolved into one of the game's most potent Hydro options when paired with a Dendro team. Here are five reasons why:

5) Amazing sustain

What people who don't have Kokomi still don't get is that she can take 3000 hits and yet stay alive, heal, and repeat.. SHE IS A TANK especially in her burst mode that also increases her resistance to interruption while constant healing and applying hydro.

While Zhongli is typically crowned the best tank in Genshin, that role may also extend to Kokomi, with her healing potential far outpacing any of the game's other healers.

She can keep the team alive through nearly anything, provided they don't get one shot, making her an excellent teammate for the Spiral Abyss or tricky boss battles that drain tons of health. Kokomi is one of the best options for players who need some extra sustain on their teams.

4) Easy to build

Kokomi is one of the game's easiest characters to build, thanks to her tailor-made artifact set and reliance on Max HP. Players will need to provide her with as much Max HP as possible if they want to capitalize on her unique skills, which allows for a much easier and faster build process.

If Genshin Impact fans plan to summon Kokomi, they'll want to start saving up their HP% artifacts now.

3) Tons of Hydro application

• kokomi improved hydro application showcase, credit @/abc64real. •

Kokomi has some of the best Hydro applications in the game, allowing her to provide multiple Elemental Reactions in reaction-based team compositions.

Players who need a ton of off-field reactions but want to save characters like Xingqiu or Yelan for other teams will want to give Kokomi a try, as she can fit into a wide variety of teams and perform just as well.

2) Great Bloom teammate


Kokomi is one of the best characters for Bloom compositions in Genshin Impact. She provides a ton of Hydro application and will allow players to heal the damage they take from the Dendro Core explosions.

This is key in areas like the Spiral Abyss, where gamers cannot heal with anything other than character abilities, so having the option to both create and heal from the Bloom reaction makes her an invaluable unit for this team comp.

1) Scales well


Thanks to Kokomi's unique kit and immense healing potential, it's unlikely that she will be outscaled by any other character in the near future. This allows her to secure a niche as a solid Hydro applicator who can tank much damage and provide tons of utility even off-field.

With all this in mind, players won't need to worry about Kokomi being outscaled by newer characters for the time being, making her a great choice to summon for Dendro teams.

Genshin Impact's Sangonomiya Kokomi could be a unique and powerful addition to Dendro teams.

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