5 most preferred Genshin Impact 3.0 teams for Spiral Abyss Floor 12

The Spiral Abyss can be conquered with the right team (Image via Genshin Impact/YouTube)
The Spiral Abyss can be conquered with the right team (Image via Genshin Impact/YouTube)

Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss can be difficult to overcome as players have to defeat end-game-level enemies against the clock.

Players will need to utilize some of the game's best team compositions if they want to beat the Spiral Abyss with all stars unlocked. This is the best way to gather the precious Primogems locked within its depths.

Raiden National, Funerational, and 3 other most used teams in Genshin Impact 3.0's Spiral Abyss


Genshin Impact 3.0's Spiral Abyss is quite the challenge to take on. Players will need to have some of the game's best units if they want to collect all of the rewards.

Luckily, many of the game's strongest teams work quite well against the new enemies. This means players won't have to change much if they have these teams already set up.

Thanks to data gathered from some of the top players in China, here's a list of the most used Genshin Impact teams in the 3.0 Spiral Abyss.

Disclaimer: These teams are listed solely based on community-gathered data. They are not the only teams in the game that can complete the Spiral Abyss.

5) Yoimiya Vaporize team (Yoimiya/Yelan/Zhongli/Yun Jin)


This is a solid team composition that focuses on Yoimiya as the main source of DPS, with Yelan providing off-field Hydro application to proc the Vaporize reaction.

Thanks to her ability to apply Pyro from range with her Normal Attacks, Yoimiya can use Yelan's Elemental Burst to shred through enemies with rapid fire shots.

Both Yun Jin and Zhongli provide huge buffs to Yoimiya. Yun Jin buffs her Normal Attack damage, while Zhongli provides resistance shreds and shields to keep her safe and prevent interruptions. The duo also provides Geo Resonance, further increasing Yoimiya's damage and making her a star unit in the team.

4) Raiden National (Raiden Shogun/Xingqiu or Kazuha/Bennett/Xiangling)


Raiden National has been a staple team in the Spiral Abyss. It remains an incredible choice for players who plan on tackling the abyssal gauntlet in Genshin Impact 3.0.

With the synergy between Raiden Shogun and the 4-star support/carries Bennett and Xiangling, as well as Xingqiu or Kazuha, players can easily beat the Spiral Abyss.

3) Ayaka Freeze (Ayaka/Shenhe/Kazuha/Kokomi)


This is one of Ayaka's best teams and can even outperform her Morgana composition. It provides tons of buffs to her Cryo damage and gets easy healing from Sangonomiya Kokomi.

Both Shenhe and Kazuha can fill the role of team buffer, while Ayaka can shred foes with her powerful Cryo damage.

2) Funerational (Hu Tao/Xingqiu/Yelan/Zhongli or Xiangling)


The Funerational team is a version of the National team that focuses on using Hu Tao as its main carry.

This would typically result in Hu Tao not being able to gain enough Vaporize to maximize her damage. However, thanks to the addition of Yelan (alongside Xingqiu), there is a ton of Hydro application that allows her to dish out damage to enemies.

Players can even add Xiangling to the mix to dish out more Pyro damage and Vaporize many Hydro procs for easy clears.

1) Childe National with Kazuha (Childe/Kazuha/Xiangling/Bennett)


The most used team composition in Genshin Impact 3.0's Spiral Abyss so far is a Childe-focused Vaporize team with Kazuha for buffs.

With Xiangling and Bennett, Childe can Vaporize a huge amount of damage, making this team great for cutting through tough opponents. It also has great AOE potential.

Players will definitely want to build this team if they can. It has found great success during the current Abyss rotation.

Genshin Impact 3.0's Spiral Abyss has given players some tough challenges, but the game's strongest teams can easily overcome them.

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