5 best tips to ambush in MLBB

ambush in MLBB
Learn how to win an ambush in MLBB (Image via Moonton Games)

Ambush in MLBB is one of the most effective battle strategies against opponents. An ally's team usually gathers in the bushes for the target and suddenly emerges out of nowhere to bag kills. Because ambushing teams often try to lure the best player of the enemy team into their territory, the strategy massively affects those in the solo queue.

However, you can also ambush in solo queues with the right communication skills and teammates. Read on to plan your next ambush attack accurately.

How to target an enemy: Learn the best tips to execute a perfect ambush in MLBB


Targeting an enemy is a crucial aspect of planning an ambush in MLBB. Choosing the squishiest but most aggressive enemy champions, or a high-damage-dealing Mid Laner, is ideal for such attacks. However, you can ask your team to gather together for an ambush against any enemy champions giving you a hard time.

After locking down your target, follow these tips to take them down easily.

1) Patience is key

Stay hidden as long as you remain idle in the bushes (Image via Moonton Games)
Stay hidden as long as you remain idle in the bushes (Image via Moonton Games)

The best way to execute a perfect ambush in MLBB is to stay patient while hiding in the bushes. Players tend to panic when an enemy team’s backup arrives. However, they won’t be able to track you if you stay idle.

Timing is important in such strategies. Decide if you want to use your ult on the first enemy lured into the trap or wait until the second wave of opponents arrives for backup. Wait patiently in the bushes and draw a perfect attack strategy when the enemies arrive to kill them all.

2) Improve your map awareness


You must have great map awareness when ambushing enemy champions. Select an area for ambush and open the map regularly to locate your target. Then, ask your teammates to sneak around the bushes. You can subsequently gank on the enemy champions, securing their elimination.

Commit the position of bushes to memory to ensure you never miss an ambush. Ranged champions like Pharsa and other Marksmen in Mobile Legends Bang Bang are great options, as they can stay hidden until their ultimate skills are ready. Thereafter, they can emerge from the bushes to finish off the enemy champions.

3) Ask a bait to lead the attack


Prepare a bait to draw your target’s attention by sending down an allied champion to lure the enemies into your territory. The bait should retreat after taking a certain amount of damage when the enemy champions get on their tail. Drag them to your territory through the jungles and then appear suddenly, attacking them together for the best results.

While Tanks lead a team’s attack in face-to-face fights, sending down squishy champions like the best Assassins or Marksmen should lead to an ambush in MLBB. Since they are very easy to kill, enemy champions will inevitably follow them, looking to take them down.

4) Use burst damage


While using low-HP champions is a great idea to lead an ambush in MLBB, do not send them all together as baits. As one tries to lure the enemy champions, other high-damage-dealing champions should wait for the targets to arrive. These champions can easily finish enemies off with their skill combinations, which is crucial for ambush attacks.

Ensure the burst damage champions have all their skills available while ambushing. Since the enemy team will also send backups for their teammates being attacked, you must be prepared for any situation.

5) Use the best crowd-control champions


The success rate of ambushes in MLBB depends on the effectiveness of ganking, which can help players get two or three kills. However, oftentimes, they try to gank without the right crowd-control heroes, and things turn out for the worse.

Utilize durable Tanks or Supports with good crowd control for the best ambush attacks. Use them to stun, nerf, or slow enemies inside your territory to get easy kills before attacking the enemy turrets.

Ambush in MLBB is a fatal attack strategy when executed perfectly. Gamers often lure enemies into their territory but miss out on the opportunity to take them down because a teammate may have appeared early from hiding.

Therefore, rigorous practice of the aforementioned tips is key to success.

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