5 captivating first-person shooters like the Borderlands

The Borderlands series is one of the trippiest first-person shooters ever created (Image via Gearbox Software)
The Borderlands series is one of the trippiest first-person shooters ever created (Image via Gearbox Software)

Borderlands games are some of the most underrated first-person shooter looting games out there. The FPS franchise has never failed to amaze gamers through its richly detailed open-world of Pandora, brimmed with creatively designed characters and monsters.

Furthermore, the Borderlands series has crafted out some of the most whacky and quirky characters in first-person shooter gaming history.


Whether it’s the art style of the open-world environment or the addictive drive to upgrade over to better weapons, or simply the engaging characters one comes across – the Borderlands series is a delight to immerse into. Here is a list of five alternative first-person shooters where players can shoot and loot the entire night.

5 games like the Borderlands series to satisfy all your first-person shooter needs

1) Fallout 4 (2015)


Bethesda Studio’s timeless first-person shooter series’ fourth major installment, Fallout 4, was a huge gamble. Instead of following a linear storyline where players had to make ethical choices for their fourth installment, the Fallout series went ahead with a title that focused more on open-world exploration.

In Fallout 4, the players take control of a lone survivor who wakes up from a cryogenic state in a nuclear shelter. The players enter a wasteland divided by many factions. Fallout 4 offers players plenty of quests on the open-world map. The title also has an extensive crafting mechanism in an open world where resources are scattered everywhere.

The game enables players to craft weapons and explosives according to their playing style. The level of detail and depth of Fallout 4’s open world is commendable. The narrative and dialog in the game’s storyline are also good enough to leave a deep impact after finishing the game.

2) Destiny 2 (2017)


Destiny 2 is a free-to-play first-person shooter that is the most popular online shooter-looter title after the Borderlands series. It’s an epic emerging space drama that has a hardcore fan following due to the perfect shooting mechanics the game provides.

It’s an underrated multiplayer first-person shooter that has the perfect gameplay mechanics of the Halo series combined with an artistic open-world that resembles that of Borderlands. The open world of Destiny 2 can easily give Pandora a run for its money. The game also has a very active PVP mode.

3) Rage 2 (2019)


Avalanche and Bethesda Studio’s lovechild, the Rage series, is yet another shooter-looter that is often brushed under the carpet. The second installment of the series, Rage 2, takes players on an epic journey. The storyline of Rage 2 can easily give Borderlands a competition. The game offers a vast open world similar to the Mad Max series.

Rage 2’s gameplay offers so much more than Borderlands games. In addition to fast-paced shooting, Rage 2 also has a stealth-based component in its gameplay. The ability to dash around buildings and kill unsuspecting enemies from behind adds an added layer of fun.

4) Far Cry 5 (2018)


Just like its previous installments, Ubisoft ticked all the right boxes with Far Cry 5. The game takes players across the fictional world of Hope County, inspired by America’s mid-west – a less represented part of America in popular culture.

This time around, the players are up against a cult that runs Hope County. The game is designed for exploration. The vast open world of Hope County has so many side quests and unknown places to discover that it feels overwhelming.

Playing Far Cry 5, gamers can easily lose track of time and the main storyline. Far Cry 5 is the perfect open world where gamers can pace themselves in a calm and relaxed manner.

5) Bioshock Infinite (2013)


The Bioshock series has made a name for itself for offering creative weapons, ingeniously created open-worlds, and brilliant sci-fi narratives that point towards deep philosophical implications. Developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K Games, Bioshock Infinite is the third major installment of the first-person shooter franchise.

The game takes place in a fictional city above the clouds called Columbia. The game was critically acclaimed for the brilliant narrative it provided. Despite being a complete first-person shooter adventure, Bioshock Infinite’s niche appeal never became a massive hit. Bioshock Infinite is a shooter-looter that every gamer must definitely try once.

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