5 things that Infinity Ward can do to make Warzone 2 Perfect

5 changes Warzone 2 needs from Infinity Ward to be perfect (Image via Activision)
5 changes Warzone 2 needs from Infinity Ward to be perfect (Image via Activision)

Warzone 2 is just around the corner. Its predecessor is a Battle Royale too and hence required a ton of updates to fine-tune the game just right. Be it the shortage of weapons running meta or overpowered trucks, Warzone had quite a few quirks and edges.

Fans are expecting Infinity Ward to use the feedback and experience gained through Warzone and incorporate the necessary changes into the new Battle Royale, Warzone 2. This article will discuss a few changes that could be incorporated into Warzone 2 to make it a better Battle Royale than its predecessor.

Note: The points mentioned are only the author's opinion and may differ from others.

5 things in Warzone 2 that could make it the best Battle Royale

1) Fine-tune optimization


Warzone in itself is a massive game with multiple assets. The game is fun when teaming up with friends and playing together. But there have always been certain notable disturbances in the game itself. The game simply did not run as well as it always does or should, even on powerful setups.

The game freezes, sometimes black-screens, and has quirky crashes and lags. This points to the inconsistency of the game and fans hope it can be fixed in the upcoming title.

Optimizing the game could mean lessening another heavy Battle Royale title that can run smoothly in the most well-built setups.

2) Weapon leveling system


In a Battle Royale game where having a better weapon is one of the most crucial steps to winning, Warzone sure makes it difficult to keep up with the meta while unlocking the required attachments.

The community hopes that Infinity Ward will ease the weapon leveling system in Warzone 2, thereby balancing the progress players can make even when not grinding the game. This method would also benefit players, as switching weapons to match meta will be easier and not another competitive element.

3) Balanced Gulag map


The Gulag was a very interesting spin-off that came with Warzone. Respawning teammates with money in-game remains another method, but giving players the opportunity to fight another on a 1v1 map reduces their idle times.

However, it is crucial for a 1v1 map to be completely balanced. In other words, a mirrored 1v1 map ensures that a player can win purely using their skills without a map side advantage helping them. This is an important balance that is expected in Warzone 2.

4) Expanded server choice


The matchmaking in Warzone has not been the greatest. It was all too common for players to play one match with 40-70 ping and jump into another with 200+ ping. The matchmaking was observed to be based on the players` performance rather than their ping.

An expanded server list to choose where a player wants to queue up would be a huge leap forward. This will enable players to enjoy the game with the least server latency. This method is adopted by other Battle Royales like Apex Legends, which makes it very important for a newer title to have the feature included.

5) Balanced vehicular skirmishes


Vehicles are an important aspect of any Battle Royale title. The availability of a vehicle can help players determine the pace at which they want to play the game. The routes to drop into a remote area to gather loot and move inside the circles late is a preferred game plan for plenty of players.

But the presence of vehicles gets awkward in the final circles. It becomes a difficult scenario for players on the ground to change positions or run towards cover, especially when some random player is running around in a massive cargo truck trying to run over others.

Fans hope to see a change directed towards the vehicles, making them more vulnerable to bullets by reducing the HP of the vehicles. Disabling vehicles completely during the last few circles feels a little too much as it will remove the fun element of Warzone 2.

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