Warzone 2 leaks reveal more details about vehicles and their potential in combat

Warzone 2 will feature both new and old vehicles (Image via Activision/Edited by Sportskeeda)
Warzone 2 will feature new and old vehicles (Image via Activision/Sportskeeda)

Call of Duty: Warzone is at the very end of its cycle, and the upcoming Warzone 2 is the next premier battle royale released from the studios of Activision.

Warzone 2 is advertised as the next generation of battle royales, featuring advanced gameplay mechanics and a better combat experience. It is being developed as a standalone BR rather than an expansion, as with Warzone.

As such, fans' expectations about the title are very high, and any new information about it is always in high demand in the community. Despite the hunger for more details, the developers have been relatively tight-lipped regarding the game, and the fans only have leaks as their primary source of information.


Metaphor, a well-known streamer in the Call of Duty: Warzone community, recently leaked more information about Warzone 2 on his Twitter page. Fans are very excited about the new intelligence.

Among the leaks, Metaphor released details about vehicles in the upcoming game and their potential in its combat style.

Warzone 2 will feature new vehicles and helicopters

Vehicles have been an integral part of Call of Duty: Warzone since the very first day of its inception. It is mainly used by players as a means of transport across the map and to have a quick gateway in a hairy situation.

Certain vehicles like the new armored SUV, armored trucks, and helicopters have mounted weapons users can use to engage their enemies.

As such, the presence of vehicles in Warzone 2 is very much within the expectations of gamers. According to Metaphor, certain vehicles are new to the game, and some are making a comeback from Call of Duty Warzone.

ATVs are making a comeback in Warzone 2. A new Hummer-style SUV tank and a fast yet less armored civilian hatchback can also be found in the upcoming game.

Fans can't help but wonder if the Hummer-style tank will have mounted weapons like the armored SUVs from Call of Duty: Warzone.

Metaphor has also stated that the helicopters look different from the ones in Call of Duty: Warzone. Hence, it can be deduced that they will be different models from the MH-6 Little Birds seen in the current battle royale.

Another aspect of ground vehicles that is different from the current iteration is that they will have a fuel gauge in Warzone 2, which will last about 2 minutes. However, players can repair and refuel their vehicles by driving near gas stations scattered throughout the map.

Metaphor has also said that shooting from vehicles is quite accurate even when users are solo-driving.

Such leaks have been floating on the internet for quite some time. Despite the developers not confirming anything, they give gamers an impression of what to expect from the highly-anticipated battle royale.