5 cheap alternatives to the Alvaro Morata Flashback SBC card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT)

Better alternatives to Alvaro Morata Flashback in FIFA 22 (Images via Sportskeeda)
Better alternatives to Alvaro Morata Flashback in FIFA 22 (Images via Sportskeeda)
Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

Alvaro Morata Flashback SBC is the latest SBC to feature in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and the player's item is pretty good in FIFA 22.

Flashback cards are exclusively available in FIFA 22 as part of the Squad Building Challenges (SBC) rewards. Flashback cards are unique cards that revisit and celebrate a special season of the player's career. Morata's flashback season is associated with Numbers Up and celebrates his 2016/17 season performances.

#Flashback Morata SBC πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈβͺπŸ”“ SBC β€” 83 (1TOTW) & 85 Rated SquadπŸ”—…#FUT #FIFA22

Morata's Flashback SBC will cost around 80000 coins to complete from scratch. No doubt Morata's flashback player item justifies the price reasonably. Looking at the stats, Morata's 87-rated ST has reasonable stats, with its standout stat being the 90 Pace. The pace is an important element in the current FIFA 22 meta.

However, are there similar alternatives that are more bargain? Let's look at five items, all from Serie A and all presently available to be acquired, that could pose a better alternative to the Juventus player.

Five cheaper alternatives to Alvaro Morata Flashback item in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

5) Diego Milito

OVR: 88

Cost: 58000

Promo: Heroes

Serie A defenders from the world over felt the force of Diego Milito’s strike πŸ—‘βš½οΈπŸ‡¦πŸ‡· He's one of our #FUT Heroes, only in #FIFA22:

Diego Milito is a bit slower than Morata's Flashback item but has better finishing. The Heroes player item is a solid one to bank on in FIFA 22. Milito's Heroes item has good Dribbling of 84, and with 80 Physicality, it's a good item to invest in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

4) Paulo Dybala

OVR: 87

Cost: 19250 coins

Promo: Normal


Paulo Dybala's base position is CF, but his stats make him suitable for the striker position. His gameplay is similar to that of faster forwards who rely on their pace and skill with the ball. 84 Pace, 86 Shooting, 86 Passing, and 90 Dribbling makes Dybala's player item a great one to play with.

3) Ciro Immobile

OVR: 87

Cost: 19500 coins

Promo: Normal


Ciro Immobile has a Europa League RTTK card in FIFA 22 that is 88 rated. But the 87 rated base player item is way cheaper, and the tradeoff with the cost is a better one to deal with. Immobile is only a bit slower than Morata's Flashback item but is more well-rounded based on his finishing.

2) Marko Arnautovic

OVR: 86

Cost: 14500 coins

Promo: Rulebreakers


Marko Arnautovic's Rulebreakers card is an absolute bargain in FIFA 22. It may have one less overall than Morata's Flashback item, but it is just as good in stats, if not better. While Morata outdoes him on pace, Arnautovic has better shooting, passing, dribbling, and physicality. Given the price difference, we will let you judge who is the better one.

1) Giovanni Simeone

OVR: 87

Cost: 34000

Promo: POTM

With π—¦π—˜π—©π—˜π—‘ goals in five games πŸ”₯Giovanni Simeone is October’s @SerieA_EN #POTM πŸ™Œ#FIFA22 #FUT

Giovanni Simeone was awarded Serie A Player of the Month for October, and his POTM card is available over November to be unlocked by completing the SBC. Simeone's POTM SBC is a complete value for money, and like Arnautovic's Rulebreakers item, Simeone only lacks a bit of pace compared to Morata's item. It's a much better alternative than completing Morata's Flashback SBC.

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