When do OTW cards get upgraded in FIFA 22?

When does a FIFA 22 OTW card get a boost? Find out (Image via EA Sports)
When does a FIFA 22 OTW card get a boost? Find out (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 22 introduced Ones to Watch (OTW) cards in Ultimate Team this year and it has already created a buzz in the community.

Ones to Watch (OTW) are special player items in FIFA 22 that receive a boost based on the fulfillment of certain conditions. The OTW cards have been released in FIFA 2 as part of two weekly releases.


OTW cards are obtainable in packs in FIFA 22 and upon ordering the Ultimate Edition. Aside from packs, OTW cards were also made available as part of the SBC and objective completion rewards. Due to their rarer nature and potential to get permanent boosts, OTW player items fetch a premium price above their base counterparts.

This article dives into all possible scenarios under which an OTW player item boosts FIFA 22. All boosts are permanent and will continue in the game until the end of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Boost conditions and requirements for Ones to Watch Player Upgrades in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

In short, the OTW player item will have to do well in real life to receive the boosts in FIFA 22. Apart from players, the team will also have to unlock chances to get a further extra boost.

Player's condition: Recieve an in-form item in FIFA 22

Their OTW player card will boost whenever a player item receives an in-form addition in FIFA 22, Ultimate Team mode. A typical example of this scenario is when a player features in a Team of the Week (TOTW) in FIFA 22.

TOTW are unique cards that celebrate the best weekly performances of individual footballers in real life in a given week. If an OTW player features in any TOTW, their OTW card receives an upgrade.

OTW player items will also receive a boost when they feature in man-of-the-match cards in FIFA 22.

Team conditions: If an OTW player's real-life club wins a certain number of matches

OTW player items in FIFA 22 can also receive a one-time extra boost to their overall if their real-life team does well and wins a certain number of matches.

If the OTW player's team wins five out of 10 games since FIFA 22's release on October 1, the player item gets a +1 upgrade. However, this upgrade is a one-time affair.

OTW player upgrades

FIFA 22 OTW features some of the biggest names in world football, including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. However, only three-player items have received an upgrade on their initial overall so far.

Manuel Locatelli increased his overall from 82 to 84.

Anderson Talisca increased his overall from 82 to 84.

Memphis Depay increased his overall from 85 to 86.

David Alaba will likely be the latest addition to this list.

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