Is Nabil Fekir Road To The Knockouts (RTTK) the most meta special card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team right now?

Nabil Fekir RTTK card has been a special 'special' card in FIFA 22 so far (Image via Sportskeeda)
Nabil Fekir RTTK card has been a special 'special' card in FIFA 22 so far (Image via Sportskeeda)

FIFA 22 has already seen different cards since its October 1 release, but very few cards are as good as those of Nabil Fekir's RTTK card.

The standard procedure in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is to obtain cards by opening packs. However, players can also complete different Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and objectives to earn players and other items.

Out of all the player items that have been available so far, Nabil Fekir's Road to the Knockouts (RTTK) is perhaps the best one. The card was available as an SBC as part of the first release of RTTK cards in FIFA 22. RTTK cards are unique player cards that get a boost if a particular club reaches the knockouts in European competitions.

How good is Nabil Fekir's RTTK card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

In short, the card is so good that the FIFA 22 players urged Bayer Leverkusen, opponents of Real Betis, to lose the match to get a boost on the card. But even without an increase, Fekir's 86 rated CAM card is extremely good.

Great stats

One look across the stats will show just why Fekir's RTTK card is that good. This is an 86 rated CAM card that has all the great stats in every relevant department.

Fekir RTTK has insane stats (Image via FIFA 22)
Fekir RTTK has insane stats (Image via FIFA 22)

The card has an 85 pace and 85 shot that makes the card very mobile in the game. The attacking capabilities of the card are enhanced by dribbling of 89. The card has a pass of 85, so he lacks creativity on top of everything. With a physicality of 82, he can't be easily outmuscled also.

Potential for flexible use

Fekir's RTTK card's well-roundedness means that a player can use the card outside CAM as well. The card can quite easily fit into an ST, a CF, and a CM position. Down the road in the future, players can easily use him in any of the above positions to mitigate their team's weakness.

Possible boost

If you think Fekir's RTTK card is sound, imagine a card with 1 or 2 boosts. The first boost will make the card 88 rated, and you will see gains in all the areas that are already great. A 90 rated Fekir RTTK card will be broken.

Great value for money

Ultimately, all SBCs are judged based on their costs of completion. Incidentally, Fekir RTTK had a price of 20000 coins at the start. But FIFA players soon realized the potential of the card, and as a result, the cost of fodder cards spiked a lot.

But even if we take the highest price, Fekir RTTK is a great card and is a complete value for money. There are very few SBCs in FIFA 22 that can come close to Fekir RTTK SBC in terms of value.


Final verdict

Based on all aspects, Nabil Fekir's RTTK card is one of the best releases in FIFA 22. Many players who initially failed to see the potential originally had to spend more to unlock the card. Perhaps Bernardo Silva RTTK card comes close to this card, but Nabil Fekir RTTK is indeed a special card worth every penny in FIFA 22.

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