5 full-backs (LB, RB, LWB, RWB) with the best crossing stat in FIFA 22

Who has the best crossing stat among full-backs in FIFA 22? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Who has the best crossing stat among full-backs in FIFA 22? (Image via Sportskeeda)

While FIFA 22 celebrates a month since its arrival, players are still on the lookout for the perfect additions to their squads in Ultimate Team or Career Mode.

The full-back position is pivotal to the team in terms of defense as well as attack. While the full-backs are generally part of a back-4 or back-5 defensive lineup, they play on the wings and engage in attack in the form of crosses into the box or link-ups with the wingers.

Crossing is an attribute essential to a full-back irrespective of the meta of the game. Listed in this article are the top five crossers among full-backs and wing-backs in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: Top 5 full-backs with top crossing stats

5) Angeliño (LWB)


Club: RB Leipzig

Crossing: 88

OVR: 83

The former Manchester City full-back currently represents RB Leipzig as a wingback in their 5-man back-line. Angeliño is known to be an industrious crosser and often puts his name on the scoresheet. The player scored 8 goals in all competitions last season, just three fewer than the club's top scorer, Yussuf Poulsen.

4) Lucas Digne (LB)

This assist from Lucas Digne is not talked about enough 🪄🤩@LucasDigne

Club: Everton

Crossing: 88

OVR: 84

Frenchman Lucas Digne is one of the Premier League's most renowned full-backs. After dry spells at Barcelona and PSG, the player finally found his place in Everton's starting lineup on his arrival to the club in 2018. The player has well balanced stats on FIFA 22, with crossing and jumping (94) emerging as Digne's best strengths.

3) Andrew Robertson (LB)

Andy Robertson's cross is just perfection 👌

Club: Liverpool

Crossing: 88

OVR: 87

It's no surprise that FIFA 22's highest rated left-back is included on this list. Robertson has been a consistent performer for Liverpool over the years. To accompany his crossing skills, the player has good ratings in stamina (95), shot power (76), and positioning (77) with the substantial speed (85) to perform his role as a full-back.

2) Philipp Max (LB)

Stunning from Philipp Max! 💥⚽️@PSV | #UEL

Club: PSV

Crossing: 90

OVR: 80

The German left-back plays for Dutch side PSV in the Eredivisie. Max is integral to PSV's style of play, resulting in more goal contributions last season than any of the club's defenders or midfielders. The player has exceptional ratings in stamina (89) and shot power (82) with adequate pace (82) on FIFA 22.

1) Trent Alexander-Arnold (RB)

Trent Alexander-Arnold's ball 🤩Diogo Jota's power header 🤝Alexander-Arnold's cross for @LFC against @Arsenal is the @GilletteUK #PrecisionPlayOfTheWeek 👏

Club: Liverpool

Crossing: 92

OVR: 87

The English youngster is an elite defender in FIFA 22, and the highest rated player in his position. To substantiate his overall ratings, Alexander-Arnold is the best crosser among defenders and is highly skilled at passing (88) with sufficient shot power (82) and dribbling (80) abilities to funnel the player into attack.

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