5 great reasons why Genshin Impact is popular among gamers

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Genshin Impact is a terrific game, and behind every great game are several reasons why gamers love it.

Genshin Impact was released on 28 September 2020, and has gone on as one of the most popular new games. It doesn't look like its popularity will wane anytime soon, either. Genshin Impact isn't just a coy trend or something hopping off of the trend of other games. There are legitimate reasons as to why fans will keep playing Genshin Impact for years to come.

Whether it's its memorable characters, wonderful art direction, or solid gameplay, Genshin Impact has left its mark on gamers. It might not be everybody's cup of tea, but it is easy to understand why Genshin Impact has succeeded. As it is with all lists, there are unquestionably more than five reasons why Genshin Impact is popular among gamers, but these five reasons are general ones players can easily understand.

Five great reasons why Genshin Impact is popular among gamers

#5 - Solid core gameplay

Image via Forbes
Image via Forbes

As it is with most successful games, Genshin Impact found a recipe for success in regards to its core gameplay. Combat seems simple at the surface level, but it's surprisingly deep. There are several builds for players to try out, with several characters to add to a party.

However, as it is reminiscent of gacha games, players don't have access to every character and weapon. Hence, they need to work around their limitations in clever and creative ways. Other important gameplay features include cooking, alchemy, and various battlepass challenges, and that's not even all of the relevant gameplay features.

#4 - Frequent updates

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

A game without updates is a game that'll inevitably lose players. This is true for most games (not all), so fortunately for Genshin Impact players, there are a lot of updates. Something as recent as Mondstadt's Windblume Festival is noticeably different than the update that introduced Dragonspine in Genshin Impact. The quality and quantity of these updates help maintain a stable player count.

Sometimes, there are new quests, locations to explore, and activities (which can feel radically different from usual gameplay in a good way). As a result, Genshin Impact never feels stale.

#3 - Multiple playable characters

Image via Fanbyte
Image via Fanbyte

Having more characters to play as makes a game feel more diverse. In some games where the player only has one playable character, a lot of the core gameplay can feel too monotonous. By comparison, Genshin Impact's few dozen playable characters can spice up the core gameplay and how a player approaches a particular obstacle.

Sure, some players stick with the same core four characters throughout the game. However, it's the possibility of having more playable characters that can entice some players to play Genshin Impact. Mona feels different from Barbara, despite both characters being Catalyst users who use the Hydro element. Then there's the matter of characters who are more distinctly different, and that's a whole different ballpark to talk about.

#2 - Terrific character designs

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Genshin Impact's unique character designs are great for a multitude of reasons. For starters, it's easy to identify a character immediately when seeing them. Other games tend to have problems where a player cannot tell who they are looking at. In Genshin, all of the playable characters have a unique look. It's also worth noting that the unique character designs add more personality to the individual characters.

For example, Xiangling's design is radically different from Lisa's. They are further brought out by animations. In the earlier example, Xiangling playing with Guoba in her idle animation is quite different than Lisa playing with a flower, which further showcases their uniqueness as characters.

#1 - F2P game

Image via Playstation Europe (YouTube)
Image via Playstation Europe (YouTube)

The amount of activities one can do in Genshin Impact without ever paying a dime is insane. It looks phenomenal for a F2P game, the music works wonderfully with the setting, and the constant updates always add new ways to enjoy Genshin Impact. Compared to other games on the market, Genshin Impact stands out above most of them for the sole fact that it's F2P.

A game like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a top-notch game. However, it's priced at nearly $60 (changes depending on where one lives). Considering mainline Nintendo games tend not to change their prices for most of the year, players interested in trying out a game like that would have to fork over a noticeable amount of money.

By comparison, Genshin Impact doesn't cost a dime to download. Players can spend more money on the game, but it's optional. Compared to other F2P games, Genshin's bugs aren't as severe and its overall quality is noticeably higher than what else is on the market (for the most part).

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