5 reasons why players should get Rosaria in Genshin Impact

Image via miHoYo
Image via miHoYo

Rosaria is going to be available soon in Genshin Impact, and players should strongly consider getting her.

Rosaria will be a four-star Cryo unit capable of wielding polearms. All of those features are pretty unique in conjunction with one another, but there are more valid reasons for adding this unorthodox sister to one's party. Whether a player only casually plays Genshin Impact or they're a die-hard looking for efficiency, Rosaria does have some interesting quirks worth discussing.

As she will be a four-star unit, players should remember that she will be easy to obtain. So if any of these topics of discussion fascinates the player, then they should consider spending their Primogems on her banner soon in Genshin Impact. She's a one-of-a-kind unit for the time being in Genshin Impact, so it wouldn't hurt to have her as a substitute at the very least.

Five reasons why players should get Rosaria in Genshin Impact

#5 - Great design

Image via miHoYo
Image via miHoYo

This is a subjective take, but some players do love to collect units solely for their looks. Whether it's for something as basic as finding her attractive or for appreciating her interesting approach to piety, Rosaria's design does appeal to a lot of Genshin Impact players. For some players, they will roll for her no matter how useful her kit and attributes are.

#4 - Rosaria will be the only Cryo polearm user

Image via PCGamesN
Image via PCGamesN

Presently, there are two sword users, two bow users, and one claymore user that use the Cryo element in Genshin Impact. Ayaka, one of the upcoming Cryo users yet to be released, is another sword user. That makes Rosaria the only currently confirmed Cryo user capable of using polearms. Polearm users, in general, are difficult to acquire in Genshin Impact, given their tendency to be five-star units (ergo, they're less likely to be summoned).

Considering that there are plenty of viable polearms to use, Rosaria will be a perfect candidate for wielding one. If players need Cryo in their party for whatever reason, then her unique attributes of being the sole Cryo polearm user might be helpful to the player. Even if players have bad polearms to choose from, Rosaria is still a solid character to have in one's party for the upcoming reasons.

#3 - Free movement speed

Image via milkmandan (YouTube)
Image via milkmandan (YouTube)

Rosaria's Utility Passive is Night Walk, which increases the party's movement speed by 10% from 18:00 to 06:00. It might seem niche at first, but it essentially allows players to complete quests, gather resources, and explore Teyvat nearly 10% faster at all times. It doesn't stack with other passive talents that boost movement speed, nor does it work in Domains, Trounce Domains, or the Spiral Abyss, but it's still a universal bonus worth considering.

Players should remember that it's incredibly easy to manipulate time in Genshin Impact. All the player has to do is open up their menu, and click on "Time" on the left side (left of "Quests" and below "Mail"). Afterward, they can set the time to whatever they want as long as the adjustment is over 30 minutes in-game. It happens quickly, and it's vital to remember that this movement speed buff is for the whole party, not just Rosaria.

#2 - Good team-wide crit buff


Rosaria's fourth ascension passive is Shadow Samaritan, which can boost nearby party members' CRIT up to 15% for 10 seconds when she uses Rites of Termination (her elemental burst). Technically, it's 15% of Rosaria's own CRIT rate, but it's hard-capped at 15%. Unlike the previous ability, there is no limit to where this ability works. This makes Rosaria a good choice for players who want to CRIT all day and night.

If players can constantly build up Rosaria's energy, then they can likely enable more CRIT-focused builds. Considering that it lasts for 10 seconds, there is plenty of wiggle room to mess around with. Even if the Genshin Impact player cannot spam the ability, it's still a noteworthy buff that can turn the tides of battle in their favor.

#1 - Rosaria is a four-star unit

Image via Gamepur
Image via Gamepur

Players won't have to worry about being that unlucky when it comes to summoning Rosaria in Genshin Impact. Sure, some players struggle to get even four-star units in Genshin Impact. However, they're still a lot easier to acquire than a five-star unit. While specific five-star units are normally summoned 0.6% of the time, a four-star unit can be expected to be summoned 5.1% of the time if they're on the banner.

Logically, Rosaria will appear on the banner when she's summonable. It's not the greatest odds, but she's still a lot more obtainable than some other characters in the game. There are already plenty of four-star Cryo users, but she's the only one that uses a polearm.

Speaking of polearms, she'll be the second four-star polearm wielder in Genshin Impact after Xiangling. Considering Childe will be in the same banner as Rosaria, fans of the ghostly pale nun could also use this banner to acquire him if they need a great bow wielder.

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