5 most iconic horror game bosses (and 5 that are plain forgettable)

Boss fights in horror games add excitement and spice to the player's experience (Image via Evil Within, Konami and Capcom)
Boss fights in horror games add excitement and spice to the player's experience (Image via Evil Within, Konami and Capcom)

Bosses are more crucial to horror games than merely the storyline, graphics, background music, and atmosphere, as boss fights in horror games add excitement and spice to the player's experience. Bosses in horror video games are distinct from those in other genres. They typically have superhuman strength and horrific appearances.

In horror video games, the boss's persona is essential and can leave players with lasting impressions. Players of horror video games should never become too comfortable because boss battles often serve as a sharp reminder that nothing is predictable in this genre.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the writer's own views.

Here are the 5 most iconic horror game bosses

5) Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)


The biological weapon known as Nemesis was created by the villainous company Umbrella to wipe out the last of the S.T.A.R.S. members. Nemesis employs a range of weapons to eliminate his opponents. He is also incredibly quick and adept at using cunning tactics on the battlefield. Players would hate to be locked in the battle arena with this boss.

Throughout the course of Resident Evil 3, the monster is encountered multiple times and changes in appearance as the plot develops. He is one of the most recognizable bosses in the series due to his stubbornness and ability to transform into more lethal variants.

4) Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)


Friday the 13th: The Game was anticipated to be a huge hit, specifically with its multiplayer aspect. Jason Voorhees' character is one of the game's few saving graces.

This murderous psychopath is still as terrifying as ever, and the fact that players may command him is a major selling feature for this otherwise average game. The hockey mask-wearing slasher is known for stalking and killing his victims and has been a staple antagonist in the franchise since 1980s.

3) Chris Walker (Outlast)


Chris Walker is a significant antagonist in Outlast: Whistleblower and the secondary antagonist in Outlast. He is a recurring, enormous Variant who hunts Miles Upshur mercilessly and is far bigger and more powerful than any other prisoner.

In an effort to stop Father Martin from unleashing The Walrider upon the world, he is accountable for the deaths of a number of people inside the asylum, including both staff and patients. In addition to having previously visited Afghanistan multiple times, a note discloses that Walker was a former military police officer before being accepted into Mount Massive Asylum.

2) Laura (The Evil Within)


The evil Laura creature was first encountered by players in Chapter 4 of The Evil Within. Players get a tremendous scare when her deformed, four-armed body materializes out of a corpse. Laura is a multi-limbed demon with a propensity for fire and is also dangerously quick and ruthlessly quick.

Laura is a twisted apparition from the original The Evil Within game and is perfectly capable of one-hitting players. Standard weaponry won't function in this survival horror game, like in many others, so players must be quick on their feet and creative to survive.

1) Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)


Pyramid Head is a representation of the game's protagonist, James' psychological regret. In this close-quarter encounter, dodging attacks is more crucial than repeatedly shooting the monster.

Pyramid Head is a monster that doesn't appear in every game but has grown to be a staple of the series. This creature is memorable and terrifying because of its huge knife and weird, cruel head.

He isn't in it for the bloody killings or the bloody violence. He always has his face covered because he stands for the unknowable and the fear people have of things they don't comprehend.

Here are the 5 horror game bosses that are plain forgettable

5) Walter Sullivan (Silent Hill 4)


The notorious serial killer Walter Sullivan is renowned for his ruthless tactics and sick mentality. In Silent Hill 4, he plays the role of a major enemy and has a standout boss battle. While Walter's younger persona pursues them around the arena and tries to kill them, the player must strike Walter in his real form.

When the true self is sufficiently depleted, Walter loses his strength and weakly strikes with a weapon at the player, indicating that he no longer has the will or ability to fight. He was supposed to go out in a blaze of glory as a major adversary because he had nothing to lose.

4) U-3 (Resident Evil 4)


The series' most terrifying and forgettable antagonist is U-3 from Resident Evil 4. In the game, Leon is locked up with this ominous beast in a cage with a maze.

To survive the boss battle inside the cage, all players need to do is run as fast as they can. It relocates to a nearby cliffside, but U-3 just grows more resilient with time. The Resident Evil series' U-3 character is its most underrated villain.

3) Lisa (P.T.)


In all of the history of video games, Lisa is one of the most terrifying horror villains. Her eerie presence is alluded to repeatedly throughout the teaser in the form of footsteps following the player, shadows in glasses, and even her apparition outside the windows.

The game's goal appears to be to save Lisa and get out of the loop she puts the player in rather than combat Lisa. Players only need to accomplish specific tasks, such as looking at photographs and speaking to a baby, in order to beat her.

2) Piggsy (Manhunt)


Piggsy is a mythical half-demon creature that resembles a man, and he haunts several stages that help compensate the first Manhunt game with his blackboard squeals, massive build, and the distant revving of his chainsaw.

The real fight between the game's protagonist, James Earl Cash, and Piggsy is a stressful situation. In essence, it involves both stalking one another in the pitch-black attic in an effort to kill the other.

Since Piggsy doesn't show on the map, players initially don't know his exact location. But after players spend some time exploring the lair, he emerges from a wall and starts pursuing players while cranking up his chainsaw.

1) Xenomorph (Alien: Isolation)


The Xenomorph from Ailen: Isolation has given many space nightmares. The end result is a boss from a horror video game that has never been seen before. The bosses in most horror games will either force you to flee or engage in combat. The player receives a tiny in-between in Alien: Isolation. The Xenomorph cannot be killed, but if the player is bold or desperate enough, they may assault it.

Players must make use of their surroundings and outwit the boss in order to defeat it. This passive style of play is completely dissimilar from how bosses should be approached, making us feel even smaller and more helpless.

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