5 most-underrated 5-star characters as of Genshin Impact 3.4

Dont sleep on these 5-stars 9Image via HoYoverse)
Dont sleep on these 5-stars 9Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact has successfully become one of the most popular games in the gaming community. Although there are several factors that helped developers reach this milestone, playable characters made a significant contribution.

In the latest 3.4 update, the roster includes 35 characters with 5-star rarity for players to pick and summon. Each of them has their own unique character design, kit, and a compelling backstory. However, amongst them all, some are considered underrated due to lack of popularity.

These underrated characters are worth adding to the party as they have high potential to deal damage or support the party members. Here is everything players need to know about the five most underrated 5-star characters as of Genshin Impact 3.4 update.

Genshin Impact 3.4: Tighnari and 4 other best underrated 5-star characters

5) Tighnari

12-2-1 with tighnari aggravate team. ngl, using tighnari is really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so glad i got him hawawawa

Starting the list with Tighnari, a 5-star character from Sumeru in Genshin Impact that is considered underrated. The forest ranger is a Dendro bow user with a unique kit that has tons of homing attacks.

Tighnari as a solo Dendro DPS does not dish any satisfactory damage. Instead, it is only when he is paired with suitable Electro units that he will start to dish out decent damage.

His abilities allow him to deal damage from Dendro infused charged auto attacks that can be pretty unpopular with a lot of characters in Genshin Impact.

4) Nilou

once again NILOU CLEARS

Nilou is a recent addition to the Genshin Impact roster with unique mechanics. It's easy to become confused about how to use her abilities due to the long skill descriptions.

She is currently receiving the same type of treatment that Kokomi received during the initial months. Many have also mistaken her for a Hydro on-field DPS, but in reality, she should be used as a Sub-DPS character. Using her kit can create bountiful dendro cores that are different from the standard bloom ones and can deal way more damage.

Her kit also includes a large AoE burst to deal Hydro damage. Both of these abilities are based on her max HP.

3) Yoimiya

Who needs AoE big pp unga bunga damage if you can pew pew pew the spiral abuse away with Yoimiya! ๐Ÿฅต

Another underrated character in Genshin Impact would be Inazuma's Pyromancer Yoimiya, a 5-star bow user.

Yoimiya is a great Pyro DPS character who excels in single target enemies and can quickly deal massive Pyro damage with her kit. Her primary source comes from infusing her normal attacks with Pyro using her abilities. As a bow user with normal attacks, players can take advantage of the auto attacks that can help track annoying opponents that move or fly around a lot.

2) Keqing

Keqing is one of the oldest 5-star characters in Genshin Impact. Although she can be summoned from the permanent banner, she takes the number two spot since she is very underrated.

Initially, Keqing and her team lacked popularity. Although she had a great character design and a spammable kit with low cost bursts, her Electro reaction damage was lackluster. Many players swithced to better reaction teams such as Melt, Vaporize, and Freeze teams.

It was not until the release of Dendro and their reactions that Keqing got another chance to shine.

1) Cyno

#MaenGenshin Abyss 3.4 12-3 Alawan A.S.I.M.O.N. doang,cyno ez lha

As of the latest version, Cyno is the most underrated 5-star character in Genshin Impact. General Mahamatra is an Electro polearm user and is a great addition to Dendro reaction-based teams.

The reason behind Cyno's low popularity boils down to his low resistance to interruption and managing large groups of enemies. These are minor hindrances that can be easily fixed with careful team compositions such as Zhongli, Nahida, and many more. Although he can be used in other Electro-based teams, he shines the most with Dendro characters in Spread and Quickbloom teams.

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