5 Overwatch 2 Heroes that need buffs in 2023

Going into 2023, these Overwatch 2 heroes could do with some improvements to make them more viable (Image svia Blizzard Entertianment)
Going into 2023, these Overwatch 2 heroes could do with some improvements to make them more viable (Image svia Blizzard Entertianment)

With its final release in October 2022, Overwatch 2 has seen a steady flow of players. The latest 5v5 online multiplayer FPS from Blizzard Entertainment is set to have a big year in 2023, particularly considering a single-player mode will be arriving in the future; however, it is not a perfect scenario, even with Season 2 at hand.

Fans have been complaining about a few underwhelming characters, which have now become fairly unpopular amongst players. This does feel pretty disappointing for a competitive game with a constantly evolving metagame.

Here are 5 characters from Overwatch 2 that need a buff in 2023

5) Wrecking Ball


One of the returning faces from the original Overwatch, Wrecking Ball is underwhelming to play and challenging to master. While it boasts the highest mobility of any Tank and is also an annoying menace in the right hands with its diving capabilities, it lacks damage.

Minor buffs to its machine guns, or just increasing the ammo count and perhaps rebalancing the HP and armor should do the trick so it can serve better as a Tank.

4) Doomfist


Doomfist has been somewhat controversial in the Tank scene as he has seen nerfs and buffs over the past month. At this point, the increased cooldown to his punch and minimum damage mitigation required to empower Rocket Punch increasing from 80 to 100 damage, shows its difference in gameplay. The end result is a Tank that takes longer than he should to kill foes.

Thankfully, we will likely see more changes coming in the future for some of the heroes listed here.

3) Zenyatta

Let's get this out of the way; the harmonious omnic monk is fairly strong for a Support class character. His Orb of Discord is one of the best debuffing abilities in the game. Some may complain about the slow healing rate of his Orb of Harmony, but considering it applies constantly to the target, it is hard to fault.

However, it is still trickle healing, so a slight increase in the healing rate would do wonders, given he can only target one ally at a time.

2) Brigette

Another Support, Brigette has seen the most changes thus far of any hero. The biggest problem with her is her Ultimate, which is a worse version of Lucio's. Besides that, she could do with a slight boost to her shield. And perhaps a reduction to the cooldown of her health packs (used to heal allies) should make her more viable.

1) Junker Queen

All things considered, Overwatch 2 newcomer Junker Queen feels like a beefier DPS than an actual Tank. She specializes in Wounding enemies, which in turn heals her; however, the healing rate is a bit low, and the fact that she has the lowest health of any Tank doesn't help matters, so one of those need to be boosted.

Junker Queen's ax swing with the Carnage ability also has a delay larger than would be viable, so shortening or adding the ant-heal status on top of the current swing speed is the way to go.

Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play FPS and falls under the hero shooter genre, where players face off in heated battles against each other using varied and unique characters.

Following the popular battle pass format, players will earn cosmetics and other in-game goodies as they progress. A premium battle pass is also available, granting users exclusive skins. It can be purchased using 1000 Overwatch coins, which can be grinded by completing in-game challenges.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Nintendo Switch platforms.