5 players with better short passing than Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 22

Lionel Messi is one of the few who have better short pass stats than Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Lionel Messi is one of the few who have better short pass stats than Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 22 is still one of the game's best players and works exceptionally well in the current in-game meta due to his well-rounded stats and flexibility.

In FIFA 22, Ronaldo stands tall as one of the top-rated cards in the game and is in massive demand for Career Mode and Ultimate Team. The card has excellent offensive stats ranging from pace to finishing and aerial ability. Ronaldo also has a remarkable passing stat of 80 that will help him play well in the build-up.

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However, when the conversation shifts to short passes, Cristiano Ronaldo's 80 rating on short passes is good but not great. When compared to some of the other footballers and their outstanding short pass attributes, the gap widens further. Here's a look at the top five footballers who have better short passing stats than Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 22.

Five footballers in FIFA 22 who have better short passes than Cristiano Ronaldo

5) Bruno Fernandes

OVR: 88

Short pass: 91


Bruno Fernandes has been a talisman for Manchester United and against Atalanta B.C. His exquisite backheel was evidence of his passing mastery. Bruno is as good from close range as he is with his pinpoint crosses and deadly set-pieces.

4) Lionel Messi

OVR: 93

Short pass: 91


The Argentine magician is arguably the greatest footballer of this generation. Messi is well known for his dribbling, accurate free-kicks and off-the-ball moments. But, apart from all this, Lionel Messi excels in playmaking and his incredible short passes.

3) Dani Parejo

OVR: 86

Short pass: 92


When players talk about the best passers in FIFA 22, Dani Parejo may not be the first name on people's minds. However, the Spaniard's greatness and ability on the ball is represented in his short pass stat of 92. Parejo has excellent vision and is equally adept at both long and short passes in FIFA 22.

2) Toni Kroos

OVR: 88

Short pass: 93


Toni Kroos is not that favoured in the FIFA 22 meta due to his sluggish pace. But, the card makes up for it reasonably with his expert passes and crosses. Kroos, with a short pass rating of 93, is someone players can blindly rely on to control and dominate the midfield.

1) Kevin De Bruyne

OVR: 91

Short pass: 94


Kevin De Bruyne is arguably the best CM in the game. He not only excels because of his high rating but also due to his ability to orchestrate the overall flow of the match. De Bruyne is one of the most complete midfielders in FIFA 22 and can be a jewel in any player's squad.

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