5 points that you should keep in mind while building a base in ARK Survival Ascended 

Base building tips and tricks ARK Survival Ascended
Building your base is an important aspect in surviving in ARK Survival Ascended (Image via Studio Wildcard)

In ARK Survival Ascended, you'll face the harshest conditions and environments, staying true to the challenging nature of its predecessor, ARK Survival Evolved. It's common to encounter hassles and difficulties in this game, and it's up to you to figure out how to manage it day by day.

Navigating these challenges requires mastery of the different game mechanics, and base crafting is undeniably one of the most important activities. For beginners, your base doesn’t have to start with something so grand. Here are some tips and tricks for building a beginner base in ARK Survival Ascended.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the author's opinions.

Tips and tricks for building a base in ARK Survival Ascended

1) Choose a good location

Choosing your base location is essential to survive (Image via Studio Wildcard)
Choosing your base location is essential to survive (Image via Studio Wildcard)

In any survival game, choosing the best location for your base is almost always important. Whether you are just starting or planning to move to a better spot, the location of your base significantly influences your progress in the game. In fact, where you will put your base is more important than what your actual base would look like.

You should consider several things when choosing a good base location. Make sure to select a spot where natural resources are accessible. Resource management is a prime mechanic you need to master in the game, and ensuring resources are available to you will make things a lot easier.

It is also important for beginners to consider starting in environments with few hostile creatures. This allows you to focus on building your skills and expanding your resources.

2) Keep your base simple yet functional


While creating a grand beach house in ARK Survival Ascended is tempting, unfortunately, this isn't a Sims game. In ARK, you have to focus on the functionality of your base rather than the actual appearance outside.

This is especially true for beginners who don't have much yet in terms of resources. Make sure that your base is tough enough to keep intruders and monsters at bay while sheltering you from harsh environments and weather conditions. Head to this article for beginner base guides in ARK Survival Ascended.

3) Upgrade and Adapt


As you progress through the game, you face even stronger creatures and more challenging environmental conditions. Of course, you would not survive in end-game content using the beginner base you had when you were starting the game. These challenges will inevitably call on adaptation by upgrading your base.

When you upgrade, focus on having stronger walls and foundations to withstand harsh environments. You can upgrade to metals and spiked walls to protect against hostile creatures in ARK Survival Ascended. Your indoor essential items, such as storage, should also be upgraded.

4) Use multiple Power Generators

The power system has been revamped in the remake game (Image via Studio Wildcard)
The power system has been revamped in the remake game (Image via Studio Wildcard)

ARK Survival Ascended features a reworked power system that allows players to reduce electrical clutter inside their bases. In this rework, electrical items no longer require wires to be powered and used. However, you must ensure a Power Generator is within range to power your devices.

While this makes the overall look of your base cleaner, it requires the installation of more power generators. You cannot increase the range of these Power Generators so your only solution is placing many of these inside your base.

5) Plan your Water Intake Range

The game features a remote irrigation system (Image via Studio Wildcard)
The game features a remote irrigation system (Image via Studio Wildcard)

Another feature reworked in ARK Survival Ascended is the remote plumbing system, where players don't need to build large pipes to control the water flow to their base.

In this new system, you need to place a Stone or Metal Water Intake to allow water to flow to your base. You can increase this range by placing a Water Tank inside the initial range of your Water Intake. Any water covered within your Water Intake Range is considered irrigated, making things much easier.

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