5 beginner base ideas in ARK Survival Ascended

Ark Survival Ascended starting base
Ark Survival Ascended beginners should build a decent base during the early stages of the game (Image via Studio Wildcard)

Surviving in ARK Survival Ascended is no easy feat, and choosing the right location for and base type is important to get through the early phases of the game. Opting for a spot with natural defenses is necessary to fend off carnivores, but you also need to make sure that you have access to essential resources.

The ARK Survival Evolved remaster has made the game more accessible for beginners, with upgraded graphics and improved gameplay. Base building remains an important aspect, demanding careful decisions in construction, management, and overall survivability. Here are some base ideas for Ark Survival Ascended beginners.

Base ideas for beginners in ARK Survival Ascended

1) At the Heart of the Jungle


If you want a base with great access to resources, try heading towards the direction of Latitude: 78, Longitude: 34.3. Start by having a four-by-four foundation and adding some wooden doors and windows. Utilize the sloped wall to up-level the roof and give you a higher interior.

Additionally, you can put some wooden pillars as both a decorative piece and a functional defense around the structure. This will protect you from animal attacks or physical impact from the outside. You can also opt to elevate your bed rather than sleeping on the floor, as this would protect you more when an intruder enters.

2) Resthouse by the river


For fresh air, flowing water, and an abundance of resources, head over to 49.4 Latitude and 53.9 Longitude in ARK Survival Ascended. Start by having two foundations at their highest point as they will get buried in the ground. Then, extend it by adding wood ceilings instead of foundations. Close the sides off by adding walls, giving it the illusion of a thick foundation. You can then add the walls, windows, and ceilings.

For the door, don’t forget to put one in the front and reserve one in the back. You can also extend your base by having an elevated porch. If you want to create a sturdier pen, put a mix of thatch and wooden pillars. Put up fence support with the arrows facing outwards, then use the wood quarter wall for the in-betweens. This will be great for keeping dinosaurs in and others out.

3) By the Bay


Opting for a waterfront lifestyle in ARK Survival Ascended requires some strategic planning to counter the cold temperature of the bay. Building a base with a stone foundation is a great choice for this type of environment.

With the water-rich environment, you have access to food resources, but land resources can be scarce. The best solution to this problem is to tame dinosaurs to provide a convenient mode of transportation. An advantage of choosing this base location is that it doesn't demand robust defenses due to the rarity of encounters. This is especially great for beginners in the game.

4) The Tower


Creating your own tower can be a cool and purposeful move for ARK Survival Ascended beginners, serving either as a startup base or an outpost for resource collection. To build this base, gather plenty of wood resources, as you'll need more than 90 wooden pillars, 80 wooden ceilings, and 45 wooden walls. Begin your tower project at coordinates 63.1 latitude and 40.8 longitude, nestled within the enchanting forest of towering trees.

5) Wood and Stone


The Wood and Stone house is a popular base pick for ARK Survival Ascended beginners. It's a very flexible house that can be built pretty much anywhere on the map. It can also withstand extreme temperatures and is sturdy enough to keep hostile creatures at bay.

To recreate this base, start by building a stone foundation and wooden walls. If you want to add a porch, it is highly recommended to extend your roof. To do that, you’ll need to have a solid ceiling that covers the entire wooden area before adding the thatch roof. Add wooden pillars in the corners for extra support. You can add them to the roof and also stitch the foundations together.

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