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One can tame a Diplodocus by knocking it out or passively (Image via Studio Wildcard)

ARK Survival Ascended boasts various humongous monsters, such as Diplodocus, which can be tamed. Unlike other beasts in the game, this dinosaur can be tamed passively or through knockout. The dinosaur is among the largest and can be a great way to traverse the island. Diplodocus is one of the easier tames in the game, with a pretty straightforward taming process.

However, players must precisely know what to do before locating this beast. This guide will explain everything about taming a Diplodocus in Ark Survival Ascended.

ARK Survival Ascended: How to tame a Diplodocus

Players can easily tame a Diplodocus by approaching it carefully and feeding it Regular Kibble (Image via Studio Wildcard)
Players can easily tame a Diplodocus by approaching it carefully and feeding it Regular Kibble (Image via Studio Wildcard)

One of the largest tames in ARK Survival Ascended, Diplodocus, is spread throughout the island, except for the mountains and the snowy areas. These monsters are great tames to add to a tribe and can be helpful while traveling, as their saddle can fit six survivalists. Taming a Diplodocus is simple, and players have two ways of doing it. The first is a passive tame, and the second is a knockout.

Before starting the process, players must find the Diplodocus. These monsters can be located in the Redwoods. While spotting it is easy, players should bring a fast or flying tame to speed up the searching process. The Redwood area is quite dangerous, so one must be wary of the carnivores lurking in the woods.

After locating a Diplodocus, ARK Survival Ascended players must clear the area of lethal monsters for a smooth taming process. While this can be done using a shotgun or a rifle, one should bring a tame with high damaging capability to efficiently take out aggressive carnivores. After clearing the area, they can then start the taming process.

ARK Survival Ascended equipment and foods required

  • Tranquilizer
  • Narcotics
  • Regular Kibble
  • Crops
  • Berries
  • Diplodocus Saddle

Players must have Regular Kibble, crops, and berries in their inventory when using the passive method to tame this monster. They can slowly approach the Diplodocus and feed it the required food to start the taming process. While approaching the monster, players must be cautious, as they might get hit by its tail. While the beast doesn't isn't too dangerous, one might take some fall damage when struck.

Players can also tame the dinosaur by knocking it down using ARK Survival Ascended tranquilizers. They can use the headshot multiplier on Diplodocus to take it down quickly. Once knocked, players can feed it Regular Kibble to start the taming process. Narcotics also play a vital role in this monster, as its torpor must be maintained till the end.

While both methods can tame a Diplodocus, the passive process is better as it consumes less time and resources. Players must also note that a Diplodocus Saddle is necessary to ride this beast and bring it to base.

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