5 rarest skins for Octane in Apex Legends

Some of Octane's rarest skins in Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Some of Octane's rarest skins in Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
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The number of skins that Apex Legends fans can purchase is staggering. Not to mention, every skin released is sorted into one of four categories: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Common-tier skins tend to be recolors, but Legendary-tier skins drastically change how a Legend looks.

Even a Common-tier skin can be rare to see, and it’s possible that it was only available during one of the game’s many events.

Octane is one of 21 playable Legends, and the High-Speed Daredevil causes quite a ruckus in the game. Let’s review some of the rarest skins for Octane in Apex Legends.

Jade Tiger and Exo-Weave are among the rarest Octane skins in Apex Legends

1) Messenger - Rare


Despite being a Rare-tier skin in Apex Legends, Messenger definitely takes the cake as one of the rarest skins for Octane. Design-wise, it still looks good. The colors are a bit muted, but it’s a nice departure from Octane’s base skin.

Messenger's rarity in the game is largely due to when it was released. Only players who made it to level 48 of the very first Battle Pass will have earned this skin. The game definitely blew up in popularity when it was first released, but how many players can say they went that far?

2) Exo-Weave - Rare


It isn’t uncommon for video game publishers and studios to create promotional tie-ins with their titles. Call of Duty, for example, does it all the time. Apex Legends does it too, and Exo-Weave is an example of this.

Most of the players that own Exo-Weave will likely have earned it by having a PlayStation, in addition to PlayStation Plus. Exo-Weave was only made available to those players, hence its rarity.

3) Hot Pursuit - Epic


Hot Pursuit is definitely one of the better recolored skins available for Octane. It adds a few more bits and pieces to his base design, but it’s the colors that really sell it. The bright orange and red give Octane a hotrod look.

Hot Pursuit first appeared during Season 1’s Legendary Hunt event in 2019. It shows up every now and then, most recently in a bundle in May 2022. It’s one of Octane’s coolest skins, and players should try to grab it when it's available.

4) Jade Tiger - Legendary


Jade Tiger is one of only a few skins that personify Octane’s attitude. And just like the Messenger skin, Jade Tiger is rare because of its placement in a Battle Pass.

Players would have had to reach level 75 on Season 2’s Battle Pass to obtain Jade Tiger in the game. The only players who have this skin are those that have been putting time into Apex Legends since the beginning.

5) Abstract Splash - Rare


Octane’s Abstract Splash is a strange one. Though it is only considered 'Rare' in-game, it’s bizarre because of the way Apex Legends players could obtain it with Monster Energy Drinks.

When Monster Energy Drinks were purchased, players would receive codes on each can. Abstract Splash was awarded after 20 codes were collected. Out of the infinite video game promotional deals, Abstract Splash is amongst the stranger ones.

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