5 reasons why Tiny Tina's Wonderlands players are frustrated with Coiled Captors

The Coiled Captors DLC has failed to impress the players (Image via Gearbox)
The Coiled Captors DLC has failed to impress the players (Image via Gearbox)
Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands' Coiled Captors is the first DLC that Gearbox has released in less than a month since its release. The DLC is available separately for $10, and is also a part of the Season Pass.

Despite the expectations, Coiled Captors has fallen flat on its face, and its reception isn't good at all. The DLC has fallen prey to its reputation due to how good Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is.

While the first Tiny Tina standalone game has been a significant success, the DLC is less than that. There are still three more DLCs to arrive at, and analyzing the reasons for failure will be beneficial to Gearbox.

Top five reasons why Coiled Captors failed to meet the expectations of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands fans

5) Chaos levels


This reason might or might not be a problem, depending on the player's level. If someone is just getting started with Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, the increase in the level cap will not be a problem.

However, Coiled Captors increasing the levels of Chaos dungeons to 35 from 20 could be problematic for those at this level who are farming volatile weapons. Under normal circumstances, increasing the levels shouldn't be a problem.

However, a long-running complaint with the game is the enemy density, and the problem doesn't change with a higher level. This means that players will need to grind the same levels repeatedly to get the volatile weapons.

4) Lack of enemies

As mentioned earlier, enemy density has been a problem since launch. Players have routinely asked for better mob density to allow for more engaging gameplay.

It was hoped that Coiled Captors would come with better mob density, if not at the perfect level. What was supposed to be a challenge for many was nothing but a short-term bust.

The changing forms of Chums look attractive, but they are time-gated based on weekly systems. Overall, the new DLC fails sharply compared to the enemies found in traditional Borderlands games.

3) Insipid rewards


A major aspect of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is the loot that's to be found in the game.

From killing enemies to farming bosses, a significant amount of energy is spent on getting new things in the game. The goal is to find legendary and epic items with unique effects that are rare to find.

Several bosses of the game drop valuable rewards, and players can farm them to find something helpful. While Coiled Captors does bring its boss in the form of Chums, the rewards of the overall system are hardly something to reckon with.

2) Poor story content


Fans have lauded Tiny Tina's Wonderlands for how the game's lore works and fits in between the worlds of Borderlands. The fantasy-FPS has gained a reputation on the back of slap-stick storytelling combined with great action.

While DLC increases the weight of the end game, there's an emphasis on the main storyline. Fans expected that DLC might add some story content along with the main one.

It has turned into a disappointment as there's nothing really for the players. What's worse is that Gearbox might do the same with future DLCs, losing the players' faith.

1) Underwhelming by every means


A DLC, just like video games, can have imperfections. The problem for Coiled Captors stems from the fact that it feels underwhelming in every sense. It brings a dungeon that wasn't on every fan's wishlist.

The mob density has hardly improved upon, despite constantly being requested by the fans. Chums and the coiled could have been fitted much better than they were. The rise in Chaos levels seems strange and might not be required at the moment.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands was developed because a Borderlands 2 DLC called Tiny Tina: Assault on Dragon Keep was a significant success. It seems ironic that a game encouraged by a great DLC has such a poor DLC as its first offering.

Gearbox does have the chance to redeem itself with some solid offerings in the next three DLCs. However, as far as the developers are concerned, there couldn't have been a poorer start.

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