5 streamers who forgot to turn off their livestreams on time

5 streamers who forgot to turn off their livestreams (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 streamers who forgot to turn off their livestreams (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamers and content creators are always on the lookout for the best content they can provide to their fans and viewers. But sometimes, there might be cases where streamers tend to make mistakes that might get them unwanted attention in their quest to deliver good content.

There have been incidents where content creators forgot to either turn their livestreams off or forgot that they were live in front of thousands of viewers. In this list, we will take a look at such streamers that went on to go viral for the exact same reason.

Here are the five streamers who forgot to turn off their livestreams on time.

Streamers who forgot to turn off their livestreams on time

5) Snoop Dogg


Famous rapper and musician Snoop Dogg has dived into the world of livestreaming. In 2021, the rapper hosted one of his first-ever livestreams on Twitch, where he hilariously forgot to turn off his livestream.

Snoop had been playing NFL and had rage quit in the first fifteen minutes of his stream. Not realizing that he had left his stream on, Snoop Dogg ended up streaming for eight hours continuously.

When he returned to his streaming setup, Snoop found out about his comical blunder and stated:

"Am I still streaming? I hope not."

Soon enough, he did end his eight-hour long livestream.

4) Pokimane


Imane "Pokimane" is one of the biggest female Twitch content creators on the platform who has had a set of embarrassing moments captured on stream. One such moment happened to be when she was hosting an IRL stream with her friends and had seemingly forgotten to turn off her livestream for a moment.

After coming into the foreground of the stream to pick up her cat, Pokimane ended up bending in front of thousands of viewers. Regretting her actions, she instantly apologized for this and let out a small laugh due to sheer embarrassment. Following this, she logged off her stream after a few moments.

3) H1ghSky1


Patrick "H1ghSky1" is a member of the popular FaZe clan and is primarily known for his Fortnite gameplay and content. Back in 2019, the Fortnite prodigy had a rather long stream where he won a bunch of Victory Royales.

As we went on to queue for another game, H1ghSky1 went ahead and made himself comfortable in his gaming chair and landed up asleep on stream. Forgetting to turn off his livestream at the perfect time, he continued to sleep for the next couple of moments, following which he woke up, looking a bit dazed.

2) OMGChad


Minecraft content creator and streamer Chad "OMGChad" had a hilarious incident happen to him back in 2014. Unknown to him, Chad's cat comically started his stream after it accidentally stepped on one of the hotkeys on his keyboard.

Noticing this, Chad's friend called him up to let him know that his stream had been turned on. Waking up from his deep slumber, Chad went on to turn off his stream before anything else happened.

1) Sodapoppin


Chance "Sodapoppin", one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, had a weird situation occur on his livestream back in 2016, when he accidentally switched on his livestream on Twitch as he was testing his new OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) settings.

While he was testing out his microphone to see its audio levels, Sodapoppin uttered some words in hilarious fashion. After noticing that he had gone live and had forgotten to turn off his livestream, he stated:

"Wait a second, did I go live?"

Realizing his mistake, Sodapoppin face-palmed and stopped his livestreaming broadcast.

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