5 strongest Overwatch 2 ultimates to pair with Ana's Nano Boost

Overwatch 2 5 Best ultimates to combine with Ana
Overwatch 2 5 Best ultimates to combine with Ana's Nano Boost (Image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch 2 features several characters, called heroes, with overwhelming and unique abilities. If players can chain their abilities correctly, they can wipe out the enemy team without sweat. But the chaotic battlefield of the game usually disrupts such flows as everyone knows these abilities.

Ana is a backline hero who exists to aid her allies and disable healing for enemy heroes. Her tool kit seems rudimentary at best but has capabilities that can turn the tides into a team fight. Various heroes can take Ana’s help and perform incredible gameplay to earn the “Play of The Game.”

However, some ability combinations are more dominating than others, and those are what players should know about.

Note: This is not a Ranked list. The choices reflect the author's opinion and can vary for every individual.

Overwatch 2 Nano Boosted Reinhardt, Reaper, Roadhog, and more ultimate abilities


Blizzard Entertainment released Overwatch 2 as a sequel and quickly captured the esports scene as it came with the free-to-play tag. The player count rose exponentially and skyrocketed in popularity across the gaming community. The title contains three basic categories of heroes - Tank, Damage, and Support.

Ana is part of the Support category of heroes in Overwatch 2 and can heal the team and disable enemy heroes. Her ultimate ability can temporarily reduce incoming damage to her allies and increase their damage output and abilities. There are a few heroes in the game who can significantly benefit from Ana’s Nano Boost.

1) Reinhardt


Reinhardt is a Tank category hero who can shield incoming damage and protect his allies. The courageous German hero utilizes a rocket-powered hammer to pummel his enemies. His ultimate ability is called “Earthshatter” and can affect multiple heroes in the area of effect. The enemies caught in this ultimate are temporarily disabled and become vulnerable as they are stunned.

Combining this with Ana’s Nano Boost, players can easily remove several enemy heroes from the map.

2) Reaper


Reaper is a mysterious hero who belongs to the Damage category of heroes. He utilizes a pair of short-range shotguns and can “life steal” for every bullet he hits on the enemies. His ultimate is called “Death Blossom,” where he violently shoots his guns and damages all the enemies in the effective range.

Combining this ultimate with Ana’s Nano Boost, players can deal several folds of damage to the enemy team and eliminate the fragile and tanky heroes.

3) Orisa


Orisa is a versatile character from the Tank category of heroes who can absorb a lot of incoming damage and output loads. Her ability to survive on the battlefield against the enemy team is remarkable. Her ultimate ability is called “Terra Surge” and a channeling ability with an area of effect. The enemies caught in this area are pulled toward Orisa and slowed till she releases the ability and causes critical damage.

Ana’s Nano Boost can empower Orisa further and hasten the channeling ability to reach maximum damage quickly. This combo is widely used in most competitive matches to shut down multiple enemy heroes in Overwatch 2.

4) Roadhog


Roadhog is one of the most durable heroes in the entire Tank category. He can heal himself rapidly and uses a shotgun to decimate enemies at close range. His ultimate ability is called “Whole Hog.” He blasts out continuous bullets from his primary weapon like a machine gun. The bullets have a knock-back effect and can drive back enemies from their place and kill them if they are too close.

The Nano Boost can reduce incoming damage on Roadhog and increase his fire rate, which can be fatal for the enemy team.

5) Ramattra


Ramattra is the latest addition in Overwatch 2 and the first ever “Tempo-Tank” in the game. He can utilize two forms to become the team's vanguard and defend his allies. His ultimate ability is called “Annihilation,” and he absorbs the life of his enemies. The ability duration pauses when absorbing health from even one enemy and can target as many in the effective range.

Combining Ana’s ultimate with Ramattra will ensure that he is fast and efficient while taking out almost the entire enemy team.

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