5 times streamers started streaming without even knowing it

Ninja accidentally started streaming without realizing it (Image via Fortnite Moments on YouTube)
Ninja accidentally started streaming without realizing it (Image via Fortnite Moments on YouTube)
Riddhima Pal

Streamers on Twitch or YouTube have their fair share of awkward moments on livestream. From awkward things happening to them, or accidentally leaking personal information online, there are quite a few risks streamers take when they start streaming live. They have to take into account the fact that if they mess up, their error will be on the internet for everyone to see forever.

However, one of the lesser grave errors that many streamers have made in the past is beginning a live stream without realizing it. Most times, it just makes for heartwarming and memorable moments between the fans and streamers.

Streamers who did not realize they had started streaming

5) Asmongold

Asmongold is a streamer who has one of the best senses of humor. After one of his Minecraft streams, viewers could see him scratching and picking his nose. Clearly, the streamer was unaware that he was still live on stream.

Upon realizing, Asmongold made use of his impeccable sense of humor and slid outside the view of the camera after making a weird face at the camera when he realized it was still on.

4) Mizkif

Even in his slip-up, Mizkif seemed to have lucked out, as he made money through it. Mizkif seemed to have somehow gone live while he was sleeping. His viewers soon realized that he was asleep and did not mean to go live, and began to spam his donations to get his attention. One viewer simply started spamming Mizkif's donations with the number 7, and that eventually got the streamer's attention.

Twitch streamer Mizkif (Image via The Loadout)
Twitch streamer Mizkif (Image via The Loadout)

Although it's a little weird how Mizkif's stream started while he was asleep, he did manage to make money out of it.

3) FaZe Dubs

Fae Dubs' slip-up was one of the worst made by streamers since it cost him a significant portion of his career. He used a racial slur while on livestream, clearly unaware that he was streaming. Once his friend informed him that he had been streaming the whole time, FaZe Dubs issued a public apology on Twitter.

However, the damage had been done, as FaZe Clan soon announced his suspension from the team and a sensitivity training for streamers in the organization. Furthermore, prominent streamers like Ninja even spoke out against the issue, saying that what makes the whole thing worse was that he said what he said since he thought that no one could hear him.

2) OMGchad

In what was one of the most adorable accidental livestreams, viewers got to witness a sleeping Chad Johnson, while his pet cat decided to go live. Viewers could see the cat around Chad's microphone at 6.30 AM, while the streamer was asleep.


Chad woke up when his friend called him to inform him of the situation 10 minutes into the stream. He took the incident quite sportingly and tweeted about the same later on.

1) Ninja

Ninja's accidental livestream got his fans quite worried. He started streaming and looked like he had quite a rough night, with sleepy eyes. For the first few minutes of the stream, Ninja could be seen simply sitting and sipping his drink. However, he soon noticed a flurry of messages on his stream and realized the camera was on.


He smiled and apologized, saying that he did not mean to start streaming just yet.

Accidentally starting streaming is usually very harmless unless streamers share controversial opinions and statements thinking they are off-camera.

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