5 tips and tricks to complete Reminiscent Regimen event easily in Genshin Impact

Two more days to unlock all challenges in the event (Image via Genshin Impact)
Two more days to unlock all challenges in the event (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact's latest event, Reminiscent Regimen, will run until August 15, 2022, and players cannot wait to complete the event as soon as possible to collect the reward of 420 Primogems. The new event is an exclusive co-op event where players will have to tackle four different themes, either with their friends or strangers, in a co-op session.

Players not used to working alongside friends or strangers may struggle with this event. However, there are some strategies to improve the team's synergy to complete these co-op levels faster. Here are five of the best tips and tricks that players should follow to have an easier time in the Reminiscent Regimen event.

Genshin Impact: Tips and tricks to complete the Reminiscent Regimen challenges



Genshin Impact players will need to collect Reminiscence Tokens as they travel across floating platforms and defeat enemies within the given time limit. The best way to defeat these enemies is to simply knock them out of the platform.

Enemies cannot swim and will essentially drown once they fall off the floating platform. Some of the best character players that players can use to knock back enemies are:

  • Kazuha
  • Jean
  • Bennett
  • Sword characters, in general

Travelers should opt for Sword characters since their charged attack animations are usually shorter than other weapons. Players are advised to use charged attacks to knock enemies back instead of skills since it's faster and easier to use normal attacks.



Players can take advantage of Anemo Resonance within the party to get through the different challenges in this Genshin Impact event. The effects of Anemo Resonance decrease stamina consumption by 15%. Additionally, they also shorten ability cooldowns by 5% while increasing movement speed by 10%.

All these passive buffs will definitely come in handy and players will not have to worry about running out of stamina. Some of the best characters to use for Anemo Resonance are Kazuha and Jean. Both of these characters have elemental skills that are pretty useful for these challenges.



Genshin Impact has a diverse and helpful community that generally communicate with each other to clear challenges, quests, and more. Players who use Discord can join any Genshin Impact community channel where they can ask other players for help.

This is better than playing the event with strangers in co-op sessions since players can communicate with each other through a Discord voice channel. Being a part of such communities can definitely help them in future events as well.



Whether playing with friends or randomly in a co-op session, players can chat with each other. One way to ensure order would be for players to assign specific roles to each other.

For instance, two players will focus on collecting Reminiscence Tokens while the other two will focus on taking out enemies spawning on the floating islands. Additionally, two players can decide to protect the convoy while the other two will travel across platforms to collect repairs.

Roles are bound to change depending on the challenges and characters being used.



Since the entire Genshin Impact co-op event is supposed to be performed on top of floating platforms in all six challenges, players are advised to avoid crowding a single path or body-blocking each other.

All the challenges are based on a theme and the event has a total of three main themes for these challenges. Currently, only four events are unlocked and the remaining two challenges will be unlocked within the next two days.

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