5 Twitch streamers who were caught cheating on livestream

5 Twitch streamers who were caught cheating on livestream (Images via Sportskeeda)
5 Twitch streamers who were caught cheating on livestream (Images via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamers are often known for having a highly competitive spirit and their inclination to be the very best in their given niche. But sometimes this might go in vain when a handful of streamers get caught cheating live on stream.

In the world of online competitive gaming, cheating has become a lot more prevalent than ever before. Nefarious ways of cheating can become easy ways to get to the top in any given game. Due to this reason, some Twitch streamers might choose paths which lean towards cheating.

Top 5 Twitch streamers like MissQGemini and MrGolds who were caught cheating on livestream

5) MissQGemini


Haley "MissQGemini" started gaining media traction back in 2017 when she was seen ranting about how people were accusing her of cheating due to her being a woman. Taking a defensive stance on this subject, she said:

"You know what's really sad? That sometimes, you know because I am a female in Counter Strike, people are like you're cheating! B***ch, what? Shut the f**k up!"

Almost immediately after loading into a competitive game of CS:GO, the streamer was seen loading up a bunch of hacks, which included wall hacks and an auto aimer. She loaded up a configuration in front of her livestream.

Ever since the controversy, the former streamer has seemed to have gone off the grid. Her presence across most prevalent social media handles is almost non-existent and it is pretty hard to track her down.

4) Solista

Solista is a high-ranking Valorant player who made headlines on Twitter and Reddit back in 2021. As he was streaming a competitive game on his Twitch channel, he was kicked out of the game when a message saying "error, you have been banned from playing Valorant" popped up.

Vanguard's Anti-Cheat system successfully detected the streamer's malicious and unprofessional cheats and banned him on sight. The streamer continues to stream and is currently in the Radian Top 100 in Valorant's ranked ladder.

3) MrGolds


MrGolds was a pretty popular Call of Duty: Warzone streamer who fell off the radar after he was seen bragging about his in-game skills. He mentioned that:

"Just because I have a good recoil, I'm good at the game. This is the first time you see someone good at the game!"

Following this, he opened up the Task Manager which revealed a cheat engine running in the background of his stream. The program was developed by a cheat engine developer called EngineOwning that provides undetectable cheats for various games.

Soon enough, the Twitch streamer was banned from both the game, and from the streaming platform as well.



MOBADOS is an Argentinian streamer who mostly focuses on playing first person shooter (FPS) games. During the infancy of Apex Legends when it was newly released back in 2019, a clip went viral when the streamer was seen blatantly cheating on his stream.

The cheat that the streamer was seen using was an auto-aimer cheat where he was easily able to lock in on the targets without any effort. Viewers immediately noticed this and soon enough, the partnered Twitch streamer was banned from the game and went on to lose his Twitch partnership.

1) xQc


Felix "xQc", perhaps the most famous Twitch streamer, too, was seen cheating. During a GlitchCon event hosted during the Holidays 2020, xQc was seen competing against a number of well-known streaming personalities.

As he played the game Fall Guys, the streamer decided that it would be a good idea to stream snipe the other streamers present in the competitive tournament. After he was exposed of cheating, the streamer received a temporary suspension due to his uncompetitive behavior.

The streamer has since reformed himself and has not been seen cheating ever since the incident. Currently, xQc is one of the most popular Twitch streamers who regularly dives into playing competitive FPS games and GTA RP on his stream.