5 video games that might improve by going free-to-play

Some video games could redeem themselves by going free-to-play (Images via EA)
Some video games could redeem themselves by going free-to-play (Images via EA)

One of the most popular trends in video game history in the last decade has been the tendency of developers to keep their games free-to-play.

The mechanization system is contrastingly different from the more traditional system, where players must pay a one-time premium to acquire a video game. Unlike those, free-to-play video games are exactly what their names suggest as the primary source of revenue comes through different mechanization systems.

However, most games are not free-to-play, especially on PCs and consoles. Yet, the following five names should seriously consider going for the free-to-play approach, at least to a limited degree. All five of these games have suffered from major issues, and reducing their base price to zero could revitalize them.

Video games that should become free-to-play to have a chance of redemption

5) Outriders


This entry is a bit of a paradox because players don't need to spend anything outside of a one-time purchase.

Unlike other looter-shooters like Destiny, there is no monetization, and players can get everything by simply playing. Yet, a major issue with the game's launch has led to negative reception and a reduction in player count. Some had predicted that Outriders could compete with Destiny 2, but the two games are separated by miles between them.

Going free-to-play will mean that Square Enix will have to introduce mechanization systems. In the case of looter-shooters in the video games genres, the mechanic does work, and Destiny 2 is its biggest example. While Outrides has improved with more content coming up, its player count isn't exactly healthy. Trading off a bit of reputation will allow the game to become accessible to a lot more players.

4) Wolcen


A major difference between Wolcen and Path of Exile is perhaps to do with the bugs and botched mechanics of the former. It won't be wrong to say that the game had incredible hype, much of which was never delivered. Unlike Path of Exile, everything seemed worse since the game comes at a premium price. One could argue that Path of Exile has more monetization policies, but it's also a better game.

A major part of Wolcen is the co-op, which has suffered due to poor performance. Developers WOLCEN Studio has worked and added new content, but the game suffers from a poor player count. If it has to hit the heights of Diablo, it will need to improve its gameplay radically. Opening up a portion of the game as free-to-play could be more fruitful for the ARPG video game.

3) Babylon's Fall


Arguably the worst release of 2022, nothing has gone right for Square Enix's ambitious projects. Be it due to lackluster gameplay design or poor difficulty, players have found nothing to be interested in. The game is a PlayStation exclusive on consoles that haven't helped, and the player count has shockingly dwindled over the past month post its release.

Babylon's Fall should have been a free-to-play game from the very start. The amount of currencies and battle pass system it has is not befitting a fully-priced AAA game. The poor monetization system is a huge reason for its downfall. Developers PlatinumGames has said that they are already preparing Season 2 and Season 3 content. Without a free-to-play approach, there won't be a player left when the new content comes out.

2) FIFA 22


This entry has more to do with the game's Ultimate Team mode and the upcoming version rather than the current one. It's quite evident that EA Sports' primary focus is on the Ultimate Team, and it's pretty easy to understand why.

The mode offers players the chance to build fantasy teams of their own and take on each other. While it's an exciting mode filled with exciting events, EA Sports has been criticized for employing predatory practices. It should also be noted that eFootball has gone a free-to-play road, and the upcoming football-themed video game EFL will also be available for free.

It has become quite important for EA Sports to reassess its plans for the future. Unlocking FUT to all players without paying will help it gain an even more significant number of players on the one hand. On the other hand, EA Sports will be able to better justify their monetization practices in the Ultimate Team mode.

1) Battlefield 2042


Battlefield 2042 has been one big mess of a video game with no silver lining on the horizon. Much was promised, but little was delivered, which led to DICE's ambitious project being heavily criticized.

The lack of content and issues with bugs have resulted in the player count dropping by 99% in less than six months of its release. DICE has kept working with an update dropped yesterday, but a multiplayer game with a few players hardly makes sense.

It's quite evident that the player count hasn't improved irrespective of what the developers do. The only option that could be there is to go free-to-play, which will see an increase with the abysmal player count. It would allow EA to get the minimum number of players required to keep the game alive. Revenue shouldn't be a problem, as Battlefield 2042 already has monetization policies within the game.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.