7 most captivating side quests (Favors) in God of War Ragnarok 

Some of the most impactful Favors of God of War Ragnarok in one list (Images via Santa Monica Studio)
Some of the most impactful Favors of God of War Ragnarok in one list (Images via Santa Monica Studio)

Released on November 11, God of War Ragnarok takes PlayStation players on a thrilling journey across the nine realms of Norse Mythology. Over five million gamers are currently engrossed with Kratos, Atreus, and Freya exploring the realms, totally immersed in the game's brutal world.


However, the God of Ragnarok offers much more than the main quests. The side quests, also known as Favors, are masterpieces in themselves. Instead of hastily progressing through the main storyline, players should explore some of the well-laid-out Favors of God of War Ragnarok.

These Favors not only offer excellent rewards but are essential for the overall development of the storyline.

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The Lost Lindwyrm and six other Favors that are too good to skip in God of War Ragnarok

1) In Service of Asgard

  • Realm: Svartalheim
  • Rewards: 500 Kratos XP points, 125 Atreus XP points, and Nidavellir Ore

In Service of Asgard is the first side quest players will encounter in God of War Ragnarok. In the Svartalheim Bay area, this particular Favor plays the role of a vital cog in shaping up Kratos and Atreus' journey ahead.

Players can unlock In Service of Asgard once they complete the fourth main quest in God of War Ragnarok, Groa's Secret. Players are tasked with shutting down three mining rigs in the Svartalheim Bay area by facing off against opponents protecting them.

2) Secrets of the Sands

  • Realm: Alfheim
  • Rewards: 1500 Kratos XP points, 375 Atreus XP points

The Secrets of the Sands Favor gets unlocked once players complete the Groa's Secret main quest. Players must head to Sindri's workshop and interact to activate this Favor.

In this side quest, Kratos and Atreus are tasked to free a mythical creature called Hafgufa. In the process, players will have to fight across a wave of Dark Elves, solve puzzles and destroy barriers in the Below Cave region of God of War Ragnarok.

Secrets of the Sands also opens up the Alfheim realm in God of War Ragnarok for further exploration, with plenty of collectible items, legendary chests, and Nornir Chests to uncover.

3) The Lost Lindwyrms

  • Realm: Svartalheim and Vanaheim
  • Rewards: 4500 Kratos XP points, 1125 Atreus XP points, Lindwyrm Scales, and Gale Spark

The Lost Lindwyrms is an awesome side-quest that re-introduces Ratatoskr – a hilarious squirrel loved for his witty humor, first introduced in God of War.

The Lost Lindwyrms Favor is only available once Kratos slays the Guardian of the nine realms, Nidhogg, during The Reckoning main quest of God of War Ragnarok. Once the main quest is done, Ratatoskr, the squirrel, tasks Kratos to bring back Nidhogg, the Norse mythical dragon's six children.

Four Lindwyrms live in Svartalheim, while the other two live in Vanaheim. Once they are in Kratos' possession, players can head back to Ratatoskr to collect XP points as rewards.

4) A Viking Funeral

  • Realm: Svartalheim
  • Reward: Accompany a friend and Funeral of a Friend trophy.

This Favor becomes available once players complete God of War Ragnarok's main storyline. Players must visit Sindri's house and speak to Lunda to obtain the side quest. This is a mindlessly easy Favor to complete where Kratos has to accompany Lunda to Brok's funeral held in the Svartalheim realm.

Once they reach Svartalheim, Kratos has to meet Brok's friends in the Tavern and join together to bid their dear friend a final goodbye.

5) Hel to Pay

  • Realm: Alfheim, Midgard, Svartalfheim, Vanaheim, and Helheim
  • Rewards: 6 Chaos Spark, 6 Frozen Park, Essence of Hel, 4500 Kratos XP points, and 1125 Atreus XP points.

Players must complete the Hel Tear objective in the 12th main quest in God of War Ragnarok to activate this Favor. Once that is done, the Hel to Pay Favor gets automatically activated.

In this side quest, Kratos, Freya and Atreus are tasked with collecting Hel Tears from each of the six realms they have visited before. Players have to ward off tough opponents in the form of Hell Walkers in this side quest, but the rewards are equally motivating as they enable Kratos to craft some powerful weapon upgrades in the workshop.

6) The Elven Sanctum

  • Realm: Alfheim
  • Rewards: The Counsel's journal, 1000 Kratos XP points, and 250 Freya XP points.

Players can activate The Elven Sanctum Favor by visiting Freya's camp and speaking with Elves Beyla and Byggvir. Once the quest is activated, players must head back to the Barrens area and enter a passage with a chisel access point. Players must go through the door near the chisel access point to descend the Elven Sanctum.

Inside, the Sanctum contains a ton of collectibles in the form of scrolls, lore markers, treasure maps, and a legendary chest. Do not leave anything behind, and complete the side quest by clearing all barriers.

7) Freya's Missing Peace

  • Realm: Vanaheim
  • Rewards: Optional sword for Freya, 1500 Freya XP points, Steel Harmony, and Regal Vanir Garments.

This Favor takes place in the Vanaheim realm once players enter the end of the Reckoning main quest. While the objectives of this Favor are pretty simple, which include finding, exploring, and eventually leaving Freya's wedding shrine, the side quest nonetheless has significant narrative implications.

In Freya's Missing Peace Favor, Freya's childhood and past are explored in great depth, which ultimately makes this simple side quest come alive.

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