7 secret Genshin Impact 2.6 achievements you may have missed

Secret Achievements (Image via Genshin Impact)
Secret Achievements (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact 2.6 has added new achievements that players can complete to receive a title, as well as some free Primogems. While the achievement menu shows a list of tasks that players can do to complete their achievements, some achievements are hidden, and players will have to complete hidden exploration objectives to unlock them.

While some of these can be obtained by exploring the recently unlocked Chasm, completing certain tasks while fighting bosses and other enemies will also yield some achievements.

Here are seven such secret achievements that were added to Genshin Impact 2.6 that players may have missed.

7 Secret Achievements, including “Crede Tenebrae,” that players may have missed in Genshin Impact 2.6

1) Crede Tenebrae


Players will find a locked chamber during their exploration of The Chasm. To unlock the chamber, players need to acquire nine Orbs of Blue Depths. These Orbs of Blue Depths can be collected by defeating nine named Shadowy Husks spread all across The Chasm: Underground Mines.

Successfully unlocking the secret chamber will unlock the “Crede Tenebrae” hidden achievement in Genshin Impact.

2) It's Yesterday Once More


After the 2.6 patch update, players can find Radiant Spincrystals spread all across Teyvat. Players can collect these to unlock a hidden achievement called “It's Yesterday Once More.”

This is a three-part achievement where the hidden achievement can be achieved when players collect 10/30/60 Radiant Spincrystals, respectively.

Players can also collect Radiant Spincrystals from the Serenitea Pot on weekends. They can interact with Tubby to buy two random Radiant Spincrystals, and players can also visit their friend’s Serenitea Pot to buy Radiant Spincrystals.

3) Ding Ding Ding, We Have a Winner! Again!


Players will meet an NPC named Old Chou inside the Chasm, asking them to participate in a treasure hunt game. There are many holes dug by Old Chou where players only have three chances to find a treasure chest.

Genshin Impact players can try once every day, and successfully finding three treasure chests will unlock the “Ding Ding Ding, We Have a Winner! Again!” hidden achievement.

4) Smells Like Asphalt


While it is very easy to miss this achievement, it's a rather simple one to unlock. Players can unlock the “Smells Like Asphalt” hidden achievement by getting knocked out by the Dark Mud in The Chasm: Underground Mines.

Stand close to Dark Mud to lose HP and wait till your character dies to unlock the achievement. Unequip the Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget to make the dying process faster in Genshin Impact.

5) All We Need Is Some Firewood and Some Vinegar


Players will have to destroy the Bedrock Keys to release the seal and enter The Chasm: Underground Mines. This is the only way players can get inside The Chasm: Underground Mines, but it is a different story once players have explored the mines.

During the exploration of The Chasm: Underground Mines, players can find a secret entrance created by Treasure Hoarders that leads to the Surface of The Chasm. Finding the secret path and unlocking the gate will unlock the hidden achievement in Genshin Impact.

6) The Chasm Mining Records


This is one of the hidden exploration objectives that players have to perform to unlock the hidden achievement. The task is simple: read three text fragments related to mining in The Chasm.

A total of three text fragments are spread all across The Chasm, and successfully finding all three will unlock the hidden achievement in Genshin Impact.

7) If Not Us, Then Who?


Players can find abandoned Fatui camps during their exploration of The Chasm. Upon close inspection, they can also find Fatui Action Logs.

This is one of the hidden exploration objectives where players will have to find all the Fatui Action Logs to discover the true story of their presence inside The Chasm. There are four logs that players need to find to unlock the hidden achievement in Genshin Impact.

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