Activision adds Alex Mason in COD Mobile's bundle for 960 CP

Image via Activision
Image via Activision
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Activision has finally added Alex Mason in the Winter Mason bundle in COD Mobile.

As the protagonist of Call Of Duty Black Ops, Alex Mason is one of the most popular characters in Call Of Duty titles. So, a new outfit variant for a popular Operator is just what the community needs.

Alex Mason was added to the game long back in COD Mobile Season 2. Now, Call of Duty Mobile gamers can purchase the Winter Mason bundle for 960 CP in the store.

In fact, Call Of Duty gamers know Alex Mason as the support-specialist from both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. Needless to say, the Winter Mason bundle has become an instant hit after its release on January 5th, 2021.

Activision introduces the Winter Mason Bundle in COD Mobile for 960 CP

Image via Activision
Image via Activision

Activision is taking it to the next level in 2021 with several revolutionary changes in COD Mobile. While a new mythic weapon was added to the mix, Activision has also planned to release some popular Operators in bundles.

COD Mobile Season 13 Battle Pass already features Park and Adler from Black Ops Cold War. Last season, Frank Woods was added in a bundle. Now, with the introduction of Alex Mason, the protagonist Operators are coming together in COD Mobile.

As a former CIA agent, Alex Mason has enough knowledge about how to take down opponents in Call Of Duty games.

Gamers who love collecting outfits, now have a chance to add Mason, Mara, Price, Ghost, Adler, Park, Woods, and Soap to their COD Mobile Operators collection.

The Winter Mason Bundle in COD Mobile comes with six Epic items and four Rare cosmetic items. It will stay in the COD Mobile Store for the next 23 days, so players have ample time to purchase this bundle.

Gamers can obtain the following items from the Winter Mason:

  • Alex Mason - Piercing Frost (Epic outfit)
  • MSMC - Bitter Burst (Epic weapon blueprint)
  • MW11 - Ice Crystal (Epic weapon blueprint)
  • Sticky Grenade - Ice Crystal (Epic)
  • Backpack - Ice Crystal (Epic)
  • Charm - Abominable (Epic)
  • Emote - High kick (Rare)
  • Sticker - A-Ferred of The Dark (Rare)
  • Calling Card - Snow Pursuit (Rare)
  • Pelt Frame (Rare)

The gunsmith attachments on the MSMC - Bitter Burst in COD Mobile are as follows:

Stock - No Stock

Underbarrel - Operator Foregrip

Laser - MIP 5mW

Ammunition - 30 Round Fast Reload

However, players are a little concerned with the pricing of this bundle in COD Mobile. Several have mentioned how Operators from Black Ops Cold War are priced higher than legendary Operators like Captain Price, or even Ghost.

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

Several have taken to social media to raise their concern about the quality of the skins. For instance, the MSMC Epic skin does not have a design like other Epic variants. Naturally, players are requesting Activision to make better quality skins for expensive bundles in COD Mobile.

Similarly, players can easily get up to five lucky draw picks with 960 CP. Instead, they are getting ten cosmetic items for 960. So, this bundle might be the most popular one right now, but not everyone will be purchasing it.

Image via Activision
Image via Activision

Last season, Frank Woods and Adler were added through Bundles in COD Mobile. However, Activision added Adler in the Season 13 Battle Pass as well.

Following this pattern from Activision, it is logical to assume that some of the major characters might be added in COD Mobile Season 14 Battle Pass.

Players like to collect different outfit variants of the same Operator in COD Mobile. So, the Winter Mason Bundle brings a new winter-themed outfit variant for Alex Mason in COD Mobile.

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