All Crimes and Items in Salt and Sacrifice and how to pick the best one

All twelve Crimes in Salt and Sacrifice and their associated items (Image via Ska Studios)
All twelve Crimes in Salt and Sacrifice and their associated items (Image via Ska Studios)

Ska Studio’s latest side-scrolling RPG, Salt and Sacrifice, has been quite a hit amongst gamers ever since its launch a couple of days ago. The title has been incredibly successful, and fans of the previous franchise entry, Salt and Sanctuary, are absolutely loving everything that the new title is bringing to the table.

Like Keepsakes from Elden Ring and Gifts from Dark Souls, Salt and Sacrifice have a similar mechanic as well in character creation, called Crimes.

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When creating their character, players will need to determine the crime, and each crime comes with its own set of items that the player will get access to from the very start of the game.

While crimes in this game might be similar to those in the FromSoftware titles, there is a distinct difference here in the sense that in Salt and Sacrifice, the crime that a player picks will have roleplaying implications.

Although the full extent of these implications is not yet known, crimes do indeed play a significant role in how a player experiences and approaches the game.

All twelve Crimes in Salt and Sacrifice and their associated items


1) Alchemy

With the Alchemy crime, players will get 3x Phlogiston Decoction, which in Salt and Sacrifice is a consumable item that bursts on impact and coats the surface with flammable liquid that deals Fire Damage. This allows for more versatile gameplay and makes some difficult encounters easier, as it allows players to throw these and deal damage from a safe distance.

2) Arson

Arson will provide players with 5x Firebombs, which, much like the Phlogiston Decoction, is a throwable item that explodes on impact and deals a significant amount of damage.

3) Blasphemy

For the crime of Blasphemy in Salt and Sacrifice, players will get the Censer of Harmony at the start of the game. This is one of the most useful items for multiplayer and PvP as it makes all surrounding creatures attack hostile invaders.

4) Brigandry

With the Brigandry crime, players can help themselves to the Cutthroat's Dagger, which many consider to be one of the best crimes to opt into when starting the game. This item will help the character increase their maximum stamina by quite a bit.

5) Drunkenness

Drunkenness provides 5x Cracked Wineskin, which too is another consumable item that players will find a lot of use for in the game.


6) Forgery

The crime of Forgery will provide players with the Forged Deed, which will allow them to unlock the option of selling in the game.

7) Heresy

Heresy will give players the Krine Tablet, which is an item that has the commandments written on it. It states that any action that one takes will be of the individual's own volition and not an act of God.

8) Lasciviousness

For Lasciviousness, players will get the “Lock of Hair” item which is important for the game’s narrative. It’s a key item that one will find a use for much later on in the Salt and Sacrifice narrative.

9) Smuggling

Opting for the Smuggling crime will allow players to get their hands on the Signal Lantern, which like the Lock of Hair, is another key item and is used by sailors to communicate over great distances.

10) Sumptuousness

On picking this Crime, the created character will receive a Signet Ring in their inventory. It is a gold ring with raised lettering on the fringe, which noble families in Salt and Sacrifice use to quickly identify the worth of an individual in just one glance.

11) Usury

Usury provides players with a bag of Silver at the start of the game. This bag can be exchanged for 1000 silver, which can come in rather handy during the early portions of the game.

12) Vagrancy

The Vagrancy crime will provide players with a Wooden Doll that they give to herbalist Shanna in exchange for a Gray Starstone.

How to pick the best crime in Salt and Sacrifice


Picking the best crime in Salt and Sacrifice is a rather subjective thing, and what is ideal for one gamer may not be so for another. Hence, if players are seeking a more immersive experience in the game, then it’s important to pick a crime that goes with the type of character that they are looking to create.

Aligning the crime with their endgame motives is one way of going about picking one in character creation.

Another option would be to go for a crime that provides a key item, in this case, the options Forgery, Heresy, Lasciviousness, Smuggling, and Vagrancy will be the way to go, as it will unlock a lot of RPG elements later on in the game.

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Additionally, players can also look into going for those crimes that provide utility items that they will be able to cash in early on in the game. Choices like Arson, Brigandry, and Usury come to mind here, however, the items that these crimes provide are limited by their usefulness in the early game and will not have much of an impact during the mid-to-late game mark.

Every crime is viable in its own way in Salt and Sacrifice, and it’s up to the players to decide which of them will fit their playstyle the best.

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