Alley Flash and Alley Hunter in Genshin Impact: Stats, passive, suitable characters, and more

The Alley Flash and Alley Hunter
The Alley Flash and Alley Hunter

Genshin Impact announced a new weapon banner featuring the Alley series weapons.

Genshin Impact is now halfway through its 1.6 update and preparing for phase 2. With phase 2, players will get an Archon quest, some events and two new gacha banners. Players can get the featured playable characters and weapons by wishing in the banners. The featured items will have a higher drop rate compared to other items. Along with the newly featured 5-star sword Freedom Sworn, the Alley series will also receive a drop boost in the weapon banner. This weapon banner will release with Kazuha's banner.

The Alley series in Genshin Impact

Consisting of 4-star weapons, the Alley series has Alley Flash (sword) and Alley Hunter (bow). Players can obtain them by wishing in the upcoming weapon banner. This weapon banner will run for 22 days, starting June 29th.

The Alley Flash (4-star Sword)

Stats at level 90:

Base ATK : 620

Secondary Stat : +55 Elemental Mastery

Passive Ability : Increases wielder's damage by 12/15/18/21/24% (depending on Refinement Rank). This effect doesn't take place for 5s if the character takes damage.

The Alley Flash (image via miHoYo)
The Alley Flash (image via miHoYo)

Alley Flash has the second-highest base attack at level 90 among all the swords in Genshin Impact. Also, its passive ability can boost the damage dealt. Alley Flash may sound like a perfect weapon for DPS, but the elemental mastery secondary stat is very subpar, and the passive terminates when the character takes damage.

Suitable Characters for The Alley Flash


Xingqiu is one of the perfect contenders in Genshin Impact for The Alley Flash. Xingqiu's talents specialize in dealing with continuous Hydro damage. Hence, having a weapon with a high base attack and elemental mastery will make him deal more damage and strong elemental reactions.

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Jean can take great advantage of Alley Flash. Her healing ability scales off to base attack. Being of Anemo element, she can use elemental mastery to boost damage by Swirl reaction. Alley Flash, having both high attack and elemental mastery in its stats, can make Jean one of the best offensive support in Genshin Impact.

Other characters like Keqing and Kaeya will find The Alley Flash a perfect fit. Both lack base attack, which the Alley Flash can compensate for, and both can use elemental mastery boost to perform stronger elemental reactions.

Alley Hunter (4-star Bow)

Stats at level 90:

Base ATK : 565

Secondary Stat : +27.6% ATK

Passive Ability : Increases damage by 2% every second up to 20%. This effect only takes place when the wielder is in the party but not on the field. If the wielder is on the field, this buff decreases by 4% every second.

The Alley Hunter (image via miHoYo)
The Alley Hunter (image via miHoYo)

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Alley Hunter is best suited for support characters who are swapped out after using their ability. Swapping the wielder will trigger the passive of the weapon, which will boost the damage output.

Suitable Characters for Alley Hunter


Fischl can benefit from using Alley Hunter in her support build. Using her Elemental Skill summons Oz who deals continuous Electro damage. Alley Hunter's passive can be used effectively using Fischl's Elemental skill.


Venti can also be considered for using Alley Hunter. Venti 's burst can pull together nearby enemies and deal continuous Anemo damage. Players can swap out to other characters to deal more damage with Swirl reaction. Having the weapon on him will set off the passive once Venti is swapped out after using his Elemental Burst.

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