Among Us: 50 cool names to keep in the game

(image credits: pcgamer)
(image credits: pcgamer)

Among Us has emerged as one of the most fun and engaging games to make its way onto the mainstream. Among Us pits players against each other in a game that will make them question the true nature of their friends.

Essentially, humans are given a certain set of tasks that they must complete to win the match, while the Impostors tries to eliminate them. Among Us makes for an entertaining and social game that encourages players to put every single move by the other player under heavy scrutiny.

Among Us isn't necessarily the most competitive game, and eliminates the need for players to showcase their 'edginess' on full display. Instead, it is better if players pick up funny and creative names when playing Among Us.

One of our personal favourites is to name yourself a certain colour, for example, Blue. That is because usually players would refer to the other player as the colour of the character, and because your name is a different color, it just creates more confusion.

50 cool names to keep when playing Among Us

1. dontkillme

2. gnomegang

3. spacemonk

4. knuckles

5. undertheC

6. BadKarma

7. gewgle

8. cuteasduck

9. fawty7

10. hiding4ever

11. HairyPopp

12. fedora

13. OP_rah

14. YellowKing

15. JoeExotic

16. RipOffKing

17. buddhaV2

18. finn247

19. nametaken

20. Anonymous

21. President

22. tinfoilhat

23. oprahfury

24. anonymouse

25. yungjamie

26. HeartTicker


28. benaffleck

29. hogwartskid

30. everyone

31. garyyung

32. pwngod

33. dementor

34. coolbeans

35. testing_24/7

36. rocketman

37. heyyou

38. laufey

39. Distraction

40. catlady

41. banana

42. doncorleon

43. doncolon

44. babydoodle

45. fluffcook

46. bacongod

47. notathreat

48. lennneh

49. maneatant

50. lloydpharma-


We suggest coming up with original unique nicknames, as it adds a personal touch to a game of Among Us. Usually, players would pick names that are inside jokes, when playing with friends.

Edited by Utkarsh Rampal