Apex Legends G7 Scout's single fire better than R-301

G7 Scout packs a harder punch than the R-301 (Image via EA)
G7 Scout packs a harder punch than the R-301 (Image via EA)

The G7 Scout, a Marksman Rifle in Apex Legends, can output higher damage numbers than the R-301, its automatic counterpart in the Assault Rifle category. The Carbine (R-301) was at the top of the helm and became the staple rifle for almost all players, but its damage output was nerfed drastically. Since then, the light ammo rifle has lost its position to the Havoc and Flatline.

You might be better equipped for a gunfight with the G7 Scout than the R-301 when it comes to raw damage output. That said, let us take a look at the specifics of both weapons in Apex Legends.

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G7 Scout more lethal than the R-301 in Apex Legends

Pathfinder holding G7 Scout in Firing Range (Image via EA)
Pathfinder holding G7 Scout in Firing Range (Image via EA)

The R-301 is a people’s favorite because of its easy recoil control and high fire rate in Apex Legends. It became the comfort weapon for a large chunk of the player base at one point and remains a useful tool to date, but not a priority gun.

While the R-301 has proven itself in medium-range and some long-range gunfights, the G7 marksman can perform the same, if not better. Moreover, it is better equipped to fight off distant squads with a higher damage output.

The Carbine can deal 21 points of damage with every headshot and 13 to the body. Meanwhile, the G7 Scout outputs a whopping 51 points of damage for headshots and 32 on every body shot.

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The numbers already present a favorable case for the marksman rifle against the assault class version. However, if you picked the G7 Scout over the R-301, you would have to sacrifice the ability to fire in automatic mode, making it difficult to track enemies through the map during gunfights.

Pathfinder holding R-301 in Firing Range (Image via EA)
Pathfinder holding R-301 in Firing Range (Image via EA)

Considering you hit all your shots on a single opponent, it takes almost 20 bullets from the R-301 to score a knockdown but only around 12 rounds of the G7 Scout. This holds only when you are fighting against a fully equipped enemy with the highest shield level and helmet.

However, some characters like Caustic will take 15% damage from incoming fire due to the Fortified Legends mechanics in Apex Legends.

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A glance over these facts proves that the G7 can perform better than the R-301, but it finally boils down to individual preference and mastery over each weapon. So, if you have a higher mechanical prowess, the chances of you securing more kills with the marksman rifle than its assault counterpart are higher.

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