Apex Legends PC cheaters are hacking their console lobbies

No safe haven (Image via Respawn)
No safe haven (Image via Respawn)
Joshua McCoy

Like all online games, Apex Legends must be constantly vigilant to root out and dispose of cheaters. While most bad behavior occurs in PC lobbies, players were shocked to find evidence of hackers entering console-only lobbies to ruin their fun.

There have been reports of PC players bringing their bad cheat software into lobbies for console players, but there is video evidence at last. This surprising event has sparked laughter and sadness as Respawn continues to fight the menace.

Streamer captures PC Apex Legends player cheating in console lobby

Revengeful, an accomplished streamer affiliated with the English Esports association Fnatic, encountered an impossibly skilled player in Apex Legends. While playing a Predator match, user '[Joba] SlxghtR Owns You <3' displayed the telltale infallible aim and reflexes.

Ran into a PC cheater glitched into Console pred lobbies.. #ApexLegends

With surgical hip-fire accuracy and a complete lack of shame, any player can use these cheats to dominate. The player displayed took down the streamer and his team in seconds.

Revengeful alternated between laughter and rage after being confronted by the hacker. The footage is fairly irrefutable, and it stands as clear evidence of PC gamers hacking into console-only lobbies.

Apex Legends players on any system can still find themselves destroyed by unfairly enhanced poor sports who can't stand a fair game. PC gamers already have some mechanical advantage against console players, occasionally evened out by console aim-assist.

Cheaters will likely be drawn to console lobbies where they're less likely to run into other cheaters, at least for now. These lobbies could become inundated with hackers, blocking out players willing to play based on their own skills.

Apex Legends' anti-cheat efforts continue to struggle

Since its loss, the hit battle royale first-person shooter has struggled to keep cheaters at bay. Each season has had its foibles, and some have been rendered almost unplayable by constant hacking.

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Apex Legends uses Easy Anti-Cheat, which has been a difficult proposition at the best of times. The system is used in a ton of popular games, but Respawn's blockbuster has been uniquely troubled.

Higher-level games Ranked are often packed almost entirely with cheaters. The console lobby was once a safe haven for players, as console hacking is substantially less common. This new evidence reduces faith in the game across all platforms.

The good news buried in this disconcerting story is that user '[Joba] SlxghtR Owns You <3' was swiftly mass reported and banned. This one hacker won't bother anyone again, but other users could exploit similar weaknesses and ruin the game for everyone.

Apex Legends clearly must improve its anti-cheat software to keep the game fun. Hopefully, Respawn will find a way to keep the game fair for everyone and maintain the competitive experience.

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