Apex Legends Season 12 brings balancing changes to ranked mode

Apex Legends Season 12 releases today (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends Season 12 releases today (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

The latest season of Apex Legends will bring some changes to its ranked system as the developers are planning for a more balanced approach towards it. These changes will include a reduction in max kill RP while squads will earn more placement points from now on.

Defiance will launch today i.e February 8, 2022, at around 10 AM PST. However, the timings would be different in accordance with different time zones. The main priority of the developers of the game is to arbitrate between prioritizing kills and playing for higher placements in ranked matches.

A look at the changes that will arrive in ranked system with Apex Legends Season 12


Respawn Entertainment will release Apex Legends' season 12 on February 8, 2022, and is aiming to make the ranking system more balanced. From now on, players will see a reduction in RP issued for maximum kills, while earning an increased XP in placement matches.

The max kill KP has been reduced from 175 to 125 per match. Players will start getting bonus RP for kills/assists after reaching at least 10th position in a particular game.

Here is the point breakdown for season 12 ranked games:

Ranked update in Season 12: Max Kill RP reduced to 125 (was 175)Placement points increased for top 5 teams:

According to Respawn, this would help the squads who are aiming to survive till the end in high-ranked matches. It said:

"Last season, we made changes that opened up flexibility by compensating players with high kill counts that didn’t necessarily place first.”

Last season, the studio brought more flexibility in earning XP after ranked matches. Players with higher kill counts were compensated with a few extra points even if they didn't come first. That won't be the case anymore as Respawn decided to reward the squads more who will have a higher position in the match.

That means if a squad emerges to be victorious despite not having many kills, they would get more XP than the team who came second or below with more kills than the winning team. This change has been applied in order to subdue the preference of kills over placement by the players in Apex Legends. Respawn further continued:

“We like this flexibility, but after observing the pacing of high-level ranked games, we saw players were focused on seeking out kills a little too much."


The changes to Apex Legends' ranked system contrast the changes that were brought with season 11. The studio thinks this approach will reward players who advance to the later stages of the battle royale instead and focus on teamplay, instead of looking for kills since the start of the game.

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