Apex Legends Season 12 bug accidentally nerfs Wattson's fence ability

Wattson's fence has been nerfed by a bug in Apex Legends Season 12 (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Wattson's fence has been nerfed by a bug in Apex Legends Season 12 (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Sourav Banik

The arrival of Season 12 of Apex Legends has brought a lot of unintended changes to the table. None of them were mentioned in the patch notes and yet they managed to make their way into the live server of the game.

Wattson recently received a buff without prior notice. Some players have discovered that when her new legendary emote is being used, the Pylon from her back completely disappears, reducing the hitbox and making it more difficult to shoot. Now, even her electric fences seem to have been nerfed.


Wattson's fence ability accidentally nerfed in Apex Legends Season 12

After a recent accidental Wattson buff was discovered, players have now learned that her electric fences have been nerfed. Previously, opponents used to get inflicted with some damage and slowed down as they passed through the fences. However, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Even though the slowing down animation is being shown, the concussion effect is absent, allowing players to aim properly, unlike before. The main objective of the electric fences was to put the opponent team in a disadvantageous position, but the unintentional nerf ruined it.

Another Wattson bug. When you get stunned by her fences your camera speed is no longer slowed. Before you weren't able to move your camera now you can.

This is the second reported issue with Wattson after her accidental buff was discovered by players a day earlier. Other legends like Loba and Revenant have also been nerfed without any prior information. Their ultimates (Black Market Boutique and Totem) don't help to block doors and paths anymore. Players can easily pass through them as if these items are not present at all.

SMGs like the R-99, Volt, Alternator, and Prowler were also nerfed by the developers but got resolved through an update. These unintended changes have created plenty of confusion in the Apex Legends community, and an official statement from the studio could be forthcoming.

Other changes mentioned in the patch notes of the game include a rework of the Olympus map, introduction of a new legend "Mad Maggie," and some character buffs and nerfs. The Tap Strafe mechanism has also been changed.

Players will only be able to perform a 90-degree tap strafe instead of a full 180 degrees. Their momentum will also be disrupted while performing them.

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