Apex Legends Season 22: Could Havoc replace Bocek in the care package? Possibilities explored

Havoc might replace Bocek in Apex Legends (Image via EA)
The Havoc and Bocek in Apex Legends (Image via EA)

Apex Legends Season 22 might ship the Havoc off to the care package instead of the Bocek, which has maintained its position for almost two years since Season 14. This speculation stems from an X post by @TitanVoltaic, which highlighted that the Bocek will soon return as a ground loot weapon. Respawn Entertainment might take the drastic step to balance the rampant Havoc meta plaguing online lobbies.

Let us explore the possibility of the Havoc being moved to the care package in Apex Legends Season 22.

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Havoc could be care package weapon in Apex Legends Season 22

The Havoc meta has dominated since the beginning of Apex Legends Season 21 and overshadowed all other Assault Rifles in the category.

Although the Flatline has held onto its position, players are generally more inclined to pick up the infamous energy-type rifle. This is one of the issues in any online multiplayer title, where the game is stuck with a stale meta, bringing down the pick rate for everything else.

Respawn Entertainment regularly keeps track of such trends and actively tries to avoid such scenarios. These situations result in the release of weapon balance updates that either nerf the meta or buff other existing guns.

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If we assume that the Bocek is returning to the ground, a new gun needs to take its place to maintain the care package pool.

With the recent uproar against the Havoc throughout the community, it is possible that the developer would put it in the package. This would combat the prevailing meta in two ways - balanced loot pool by removing the Havoc and decreasing access to it unless you secure the drop.

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Combined with the new changes to the Round 1 care packages, where you can only get a golden weapon, the biggest nerf for the energy rifle would be to remove it from the ground completely. However, the developer would need to make it even stronger to fit its rarity, similar to the Devotion and EVA-8 in the current season.

It is important to note that these are speculations based on the findings of dataminers and have not been confirmed by Electronic Arts or Respawn Entertainment.

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